Your Data Tells an Essential Story for Climate Adaptation

  • Climate change puts enormous strain on aging networks providing drinking, waste, and stormwater.
  • Communities are looking for climate adaptation to manage the problem. As this trend spreads, utilities turn to Ayyeka’s AI-embedded solution.
  • Utility networks do more with less; increase capacity with Ayyeka’s digital monitoring.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Remote utility infrastructure assets hold data that tells a vital story for our communities to function. Cities and towns suffer when accurate data on water systems aren’t available. All data tells a story, and critical infrastructure utilities need help to get the story’s details. Ayyeka’s FAI+ software platform collects and organizes data from remote locations, transforming distant landscapes into manageable assets.

Our Wavelet edge devices, in tandem with our FAI software platform, are building sustainability and resiliency in communities all over America. For example, in stormwater, Ayyeka’s water levels and local rain data alert municipalities of upcoming flooding that puts communities at a standstill.

Taking simplicity to the edge, Ayyeka has streamlined data collection, management, and utilization, giving decision-makers a way to anchor their choices in data. Ayyeka revolutionizes the digital transformation of critical infrastructure by focusing on state-of-the-art, machine-enhanced learning tools for event detection and prediction.

We are on a mission to create a long-term social and environmental impact on current and future generations. That mission translates into a commitment to serving communities and utilities. Ayyeka’s technology helped protect 200,000 water bodies from combined sewer overflow. CEO Ariel Stern said, “We are impacting the lives of 130 million people—that’s 2% of the world’s population.” In the United States, 15% of the population benefits from Ayyeka’s environmental solution. By 2030, Ayyeka aims to impact 500 million people.

About Ayyeka:

Ayyeka provides an end-to-end solution with the hardware, software, and artificial intelligence needed to create resilience in any infrastructure. Simple to launch, the plug-and-play solution is compatible with any sensor to deliver all essential data for each asset. Ayyeka’s products feature the Wavelet™, a cyber-secure, fully autonomous, sensor-agnostic data creation device. They are completed by the Field Assets Intelligence™ (FAI) software platform, a powerful asset management suite, and analytical tools for IoT data. Ayyeka’s solution gives decision-makers the visibility and situational awareness to convert data into insights and action.


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