Xsolla Reveals Q4’s New Products and Solutions for Developer, Publisher and Platform Partners

Offerings Expand Online Commerce Opportunities, Extend The Life Cycle Of A Game, Bring People Together In An Immersive Virtual Events World

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Xsolla, the video game business engine that helps developers and publishers launch and operate games globally, today announced a new set of tools and solutions to help its partners increase their transactions with gamers. Rolling out this week are: Games Sales, Virtual Goods Sales, Secondary Market, Promotions for Subscriptions, Web Games Distribution and Game Carnival.

“We’re committed to giving developers, publishers and platform partners worldwide the technology solutions they need to build a global e-commerce ecosystem for their games and products,” said Chris Hewish, president of Xsolla. “Every quarter we roll out new tools that help to maximize revenue opportunities and foster passionate communities.”

Xsolla’s new products and solutions for Q4 help our partners reach and connect with players on any platform, at any time through:

  • Games Sales

    For publishers and developers with multiple titles, the Games Sales tool enables them to generate additional revenue by creating their own online store and selling multiple games — including game keys, pre-orders and founder packs, at one time through a virtual shopping cart. The new direct-to-player approach eliminates high platform fees, and offers regional pricing and the industry’s #1 anti-fraud protection.
  • Virtual Goods Sales

    For developers with a single title, Virtual Goods Sales provides the ability to sell in-game products such as virtual items and currencies, DLCs, subscriptions and pre-orders along with additional features such as campaign promotions and cross-platform inventory – all immediately available online. Integration is easy with the API or SDK for Unity and Unreal Engine 4.
  • Secondary Market

    To maintain post-launch buzz and player engagement for a game, Secondary Market gives players the opportunity to buy, sell and trade high demand in-game items and digital collectibles that increase in value over time, freely and safely.
  • Promotions for Subscriptions

    To create flexible programs for publishers and developers with P2P or subscription-based games, Promotions for Subscriptions boosts revenue by attracting and introducing new players to titles. The solution builds an ongoing relationship with players through nimble marketing tools that promote up-sells, cross-sells and new purchases; stabilizing revenue for improved forecasting.
  • Web Games Distribution and Xsolla Launcher

    With Adobe ending support for Flash and Facebook Gameroom shutting down, Xsolla unveils their Web Games Distribution solution where you can easily publish your title to hundreds of game distribution portals across the world and get in front of millions of gamers. A simple, one-time integration gets you started, and handles global payments, taxation, compliance and payouts, including cross-portal and multilingual support. Taking things a step further, developers and publishers can also take their game directly to the PC market using Xsolla Launcher, keeping games up-to-date with patching, retaining player data securely, opening up multiple marketing opportunities, and much more. It is fully customizable and helps establish a standalone home base for players across multiple regions and languages, as well as connect to digital distribution platforms like Steam, Epic Games Store and many others.
  • Game Carnival

    This new immersive platform is focused on delivering in-person gaming-related events and entertainment experiences from the safety and comfort of home. In partnership with the Unreal Engine-powered Unconventional platform, Game Carnival replicates the social collision and networking opportunities that a physical conference would normally provide. It supports open mic voice chat with real-time avatar lip sync, proximity-based group voice chat, universal text chat and direct messaging. Users can also quick-save digital business cards to easily share contact information, play mini games to win prizes, top the leaderboard and score bragging rights.

Xsolla’s new tools and solutions are now available to developers and publishers at www.xsolla.com.

About Xsolla

Xsolla is the video game business engine with a set of tools and services that help developers and publishers to operate and sell more games. Serving only the video game industry, the Xsolla product suite caters to businesses from indie to enterprise, with: Xsolla Pay Station and its #1 Anti-fraud solution, Xsolla Partner Network, Xsolla Site Builder, Xsolla Store, Xsolla Login, and Xsolla Launcher. These tools work seamlessly to solve the complexities of distribution, marketing, and monetization so developers, publishers, and platform partners can increase their audience, sales and revenue. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices worldwide, Xsolla operates as a merchant and seller of record for major gaming entities like Valve, Twitch, Ubisoft, Epic Games, and PUBG Corporation. For more information, please visit www.xsolla.com.


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