WiSA Announces Certification of the EC Living TANA L-2 Speaker; Set for Retail Launch in Summer 2019

, the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association founded by
Summit Wireless Technologies (NASDAQ:WISA) and comprised of leading
consumer electronics brands, today announces the certification of EC
’s TANA L-2 wireless speaker. The TANA L-2 is part of EC
Living’s wireless lifestyle speaker system, a division of

The TANA L-2 (€787, June/July 2019 release) is designed to enhance other
EC Living speaker models and create a wireless home entertainment
system. It works with any WiSA Certified™ or WiSA Ready™* source
connected to a WiSA Certified USB Transmitter, such as the Axiim Link.
The speaker combines timeless Scandinavian design with
Electrocompaniet’s experience in pursuit of perfect music reproduction.
While many other compact systems use electronic Class-D amplifiers and
simple equalizers, the TANA L-2 utilizes analogue Class-AB amplifiers
and sophisticated signal processing.

The TANA L-2 speaker is the latest addition to the modular EC Living
family of products comprised of active speakers, including the TANA
SL-1, TANA L-1 Add-on speaker, EC Living Floor Stand, and SIRA L-1
wireless subwoofer. Also included in the line are the RENA S-1 wireless
streamer and RENA SA-1 streamer-amplifier. These wireless components can
be mixed and matched to create powerful audio systems in any
configuration from stereo (2.0) to a 7.1 theater experience.

“These speakers are designed for people who desire simplicity but are
passionate about high fidelity audio,” said Lasse Danielsen, sales and
marketing director for Electrocompaniet. “Our powerful and
design-forward EC Living speakers present a meaningful surround sound
solution that works seamlessly with the growing number of WiSA Ready
platforms, which includes LG TVs, Xboxes, and computers.”

All WiSA Certified and WiSA Ready components work together seamlessly to
deliver wireless, multi-channel audio and authentic movie theater sound
that immerses the listener into the middle of movies and video, music,
sports, gaming/esports and more. As a result, consumers can expect an
audiophile experience, but unlike traditional audio systems, set up is
simple and takes just minutes even for larger 5.1 and 7.1 setups.

“We’re thrilled to add the TANA L-2 to our growing list of WiSA
Certified and WiSA Ready products entering the market this year,” said
Tony Ostrom, president of WiSA. “As we help our members bring more
products to market, the Association continues to evolve the landscape of
high-definition wireless audio.”

As Norway’s oldest and largest manufacturer of high-fidelity products,
Electrocompaniet develops powered, high-performance components and
speakers. As a WiSA member, the company strengthens the Association’s
identity as a wireless audio solution for premium brands while the
Association’s technology ensures Electrocompaniet has a reliable,
high-definition connection between transmitters and receivers.

The WiSA Association and its members are committed to revolutionizing
the home entertainment experience by delivering immersive, uncompressed,
high-definition, multichannel sound through the universal standards
established and certified by the WiSA Association.

For more information about the WiSA Association, its technology and
products, please visit www.wisaassociation.org.

About Electrocompaniet

Electrocompaniet has a 40-year legacy of producing world class HiFi
products in the industry. The company is recognized by discerning
audiophiles, enthusiasts, industry professionals and some of the world’s
major recording studios. The Electrocompaniet success story began over
forty years ago with its 25-watt amplifier, widely hailed as being the
very best in the world. It has grown into the Electrocompaniet of today,
the leading Norwegian manufacturer of high quality audio equipment. All
of Electrocompaniet’s world-class, streamers, LP players, amplifiers and
speakers are designed and manufactured in its state-of-the-art
facilities in Norway and then exported to more than fifty countries
throughout the world. For more information, please visit: electrocompaniet.com.

About WiSA, LLC

WiSA, the (Wireless Speaker and Audio) Association is a consumer
electronics consortium dedicated to creating interoperability standards
utilized by leading brands and manufacturers to deliver immersive sound
via intelligent devices. WiSA Certified components from any member brand
can be combined to dramatically increase the enjoyment of movies and
video, music, sports, gaming/esports, and more. WiSA also ensures
robust, high definition, multi-channel, low latency audio while
eliminating the complicated set-up of traditional audio systems. For
more information about WiSA, please visit: www.wisaassociation.org.

About Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc.

Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WISA) is a leading provider
of immersive, wireless sound technology for intelligent devices and next
generation home entertainment systems. Working with leading CE brands
and manufacturers such as Harman International, a division of Samsung,
LG Electronics, Klipsch, Bang & Olufsen, Xbox, a subsidiary of
Microsoft, and others, Summit Wireless delivers seamless, dynamic audio
experiences for high-definition content, including movies and video,
music, sports, gaming/esports, and more. Summit Wireless is a founding
member of WiSA, the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association and works in
joint partnership to champion the most reliable interoperability
standards across the audio industry. Summit Wireless, formerly named
Summit Semiconductor, Inc., is headquartered in San Jose, CA with sales
teams in Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea. For more information, please
visit: www.summitwireless.com.

* WiSA Ready TVs, gaming PCs and console systems are “ready” to transmit
audio to WiSA Certified speakers when a WiSA USB Transmitter is plugged
in and a user interface is activated through an APP or product design
like LG TVs.

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Wireless Technologies and the Summit Wireless logo are trademarks of
Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc. The WiSA logo, WiSA, WiSA Ready, and
WiSA Certified are trademarks, or certification marks of WiSA LLC.
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