US Department of Defense Selects OStream’s Percept for Vision AI Solution to Secure US Ports

LAKE FOREST, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OStream, the object data infrastructure provider for physical world AI, announced the US DoD is deploying Percept as a data infrastructure platform to solve multiple Vision AI security and workflow problems. Video analytics has always been a key tool for the DoD but turnkey solutions are creating fragmented systems each with different cameras, different purposes and different remote databases that prevent the full realization of AI’s value. Percept’s AI Hub enables the DoD to integrate any camera to over 300 market leading AI services with the resulting, real-time analytics stored in a unified and private data lake.

Department of the Navy, Alan Jaeger confirms, “Vision AI is a strategic initiative at many sites including the Port of Hueneme. OStream has proven that their data infrastructure products facilitate smooth integration of cameras to hundreds of different leading AI providers.” Jaeger, Director of the NavalX Ventura TechBridge further explains, “The agility to leverage new IoT style cameras as well as existing video feeds is an appealing proposition.”

The use cases for US ports include real-time analytics for the movements and orchestration of people, vehicles and cargo. Several Percept AI service partners were selected as backend providers for object detection, tracking and correlation. OStream CEO Kerry Shih says, “Percept can integrate any camera with an entire ecosystem of AI leaders, allowing groups such as the DoD to choose the very best providers without forklifting their existing cameras.”

Commercial solutions being applied to defense is part of a growing market trend. Percept is typically used by private IT organizations but OStream has an executed Cooperative R&D Agreement (CRADA) with the US Navy. OStream CEO Kerry Shih adds, “Vision AI is complicated to integrate from a systems and infrastructure perspective. We’re happy that Percept can play this role for the DoD.”

OStream’s Percept object data platform as well as its wirefree 1KM range object cameras are part of a funded deployment at the Port of Hueneme.

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OStream is a software and device company founded to remove the deployment problems inhibiting widespread application of computer vision and rich media AI. Its software and reference designs are available for licensing by device makers worldwide. The founders are 20 year veterans in IoT, video, streaming media and AI. The company is primarily located in Los Angeles and is privately funded.

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