True Pedigree Launches GRAY HUNTER Software Platform to Protect Brands from Gray Market Diversion Through Data-Driven Actionable Intelligence

Customizable tool lets companies proactively and efficiently identify and address issues related to items sold through illicit channels

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–True Pedigree, a data-driven technology company dedicated to helping brands protect their margins and revenues from counterfeit and gray market products, today announced the launch of Gray Hunter, a powerful new software platform that lets companies identify specific improper activity involving products, partners, and end customers by performing real-time analysis of their supply chain data.

Gray-market goods – genuine products diverted from authorized distribution channels and sold through unauthorized sources – can be a major drain on any brand’s reputation and bottom line. Not only do gray-market sales erode profit margins and reduce market share, they also create unfair competition as honest channel partners are forced to compete with low-priced goods obtained illegitimately. Gray-market goods may also skirt trade, quality, and safety requirements to make products less reliable and even potentially hazardous to end-users. Gray Hunter can mitigate such risks.

According to KPMG, a company’s average gray market diversion rate is 8.2%, with an average margin loss of 27.4%. This means that a $2 billion company could save $44.9 million annually with Gray Hunter.

“Enforcement, mitigation and deterrence depend upon your ‘Gray Market IQ’ — the ability to quickly identify and quantify (IQ) your diversion into the gray market,” says True Pedigree CEO Shelley Raina. “Gray Hunter aggregates and harnesses your relevant supply chain data, to determine which products are being diverted into the gray market, the resellers responsible for the diversion, from and to which markets, and more. Armed with this information, you can identify misconduct, enforce compliance, and level the playing field for trusted partners who follow the rules.”

Gray Hunter is a versatile software platform that ingests and analyzes a company’s data, often from disparate sources, to find specific pain points in the supply chain. Users can organize and interrogate the data to identify gray market activity by finding patterns and anomalies. The platform was developed and is supported by a highly experienced team of brand protection experts who can help exploit a companies’ existing data and processes to address their gray market challenges.

A customizable dashboard helps manage and view trends and metrics in whichever way best helps the user trace and shut down gray market pipelines, and export data for continued use or as evidence. Gray Hunter is a cost-effective tool that provides companies with the data analytics needed to take the right steps and track the success of their efforts.

“True Pedigree’s technology-enabled actionable intelligence has fundamentally shifted our approach to product diversion, resulting in improved outcomes for our customers, channel partners, and Avaya and driving business success,” says Lisa McCann, Director of Brand Protection at Avaya. “I highly recommend incorporating True Pedigree’s data driven approach into your brand protection program as a means to improve your efficiency and effectiveness in countering gray market activities.”

About True Pedigree

True Pedigree is a data-driven technology company that understands the challenges of supply chain integrity, with deep knowledge in the high-tech, automotive, consumer electronics, lifestyle accessories and pharma sectors. Originating in top IP law firm Sideman & Bancroft, their founding team recognized the need to reinvent approaches to uncovering fraudulent goods. True Pedigree’s multi-dimensional team of brand protection, product security, and anti-counterfeit experts help companies protect their brands and bottom line. Its new platform, Gray Hunter, empowers users to quickly identify and isolate how gray market activity is impacting brands.


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