Tips for Selling a Car at an Auction

You may have a car that may not be able to take you on long trips or be safe to get to work through winter storms anymore. However, it still may be in good enough shape that it could be useful to someone else. If you’re looking for a more efficient way to sell your car than a local newspaper ad or online, an auction is right up your alley.

If this is your first time collaborating with an auction, there several steps you need to make sure you get the best deal possible. Here are some tips to follow for selling a cat at an auction.

Find the right company/venue

It can be easy for people to get scammed when working with certain professionals for the first time, especially if they’re too trusting of online reviews. Selling a car, no matter how old, is a big deal, so figuring out where the office and venue for certain auction companies are will help you figure out if it’s a place that will help you get the sale you want.

You should also check if the auto auction is known for selling the make and model of your vehicle, as well as for advertising to those who are going to use the vehicle for the same purposes you did. While some auctions are smaller in size and appeal to people who like sedans, green vehicles or muscle cars, others are willing to open to other options.

Set a price

While you may not be able to get the same amount of money that you paid when you bought your car years ago, there is still a chance of getting a pretty hefty amount if it still runs well and has been properly maintained. The age of your car, how many repairs it’s had, and any damage it may have suffered can cut the price down.

You can check the Kelley Blue Book and similar sources to see what value your car has under the current conditions. There may be a chance to bring that price up if you do some quick fixes, but once you get the general idea, set a price for the auction. You can also check the history of cars with similar models and ages at the auction to see how much yours should sell for.

Choose a type of auction

There are different types of auctions available to get your car sold, but there are several factors you’ll need to consider to figure out which one suits you best. Public auctions are the way to go if there are any dents, scratches, or other visible damage on your vehicle, as these spots draw in larger crowds which increases the chances of people finding value in your car.

If you think a collector auction is more up your alley, then be prepared to sign a large stack of paperwork and have money ready for paying sale percentages and consignment fees. Internet auctions are also available in case you’re used to accomplishing tasks online.

Provide a valid description

Having a large number of people interested in your car depends not only on how much information about the vehicle you provide, but how truthful it is. If you want potential buyers to know that your car is the real deal, then you will need photos and videos of not only anything that might be considered a flaw, but the parts that show the strengths of your offering.

The description should also have a page or two outlining information such as the year, make, and model. Customers will also need to know if anything is replaced and how well the new parts run compared to the originals. You should avoid using terms that most people don’t know in order to sound professional and just rely on words and details commonly known among car owners.

Stay dedicated

Not being able to get any buyers on your first day at an auction is not a fun feeling, but it is one that you should expect. It will take time for you to find the right person for your car. The auction you choose should be able to provide a listing for your vehicle for a week or longer, so that you can find someone willing to put up the money.

If you still have trouble getting buyers, this may be a sign that you might have to make some changes to your vehicle, such as lowering the price or giving the car another fixup so that it looks more worth the initial cost. Making such changes or finding another place to auction your vehicle may bring in a customer who is willing to pay more than you expected.

Keep these tips in mind so that your first auction brings you a good deal and your car ends up in the right hands.

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