TELUS International Invests in Advanced Technologies Via Innovation Labs

iLabs pioneers solutions for a digitally-enabled and connected world, including AI, automation, language processing and more

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TELUS International, a leading global customer experience (CX) and digital solutions provider, today announced the launch of its Innovation Labs (iLabs), an R&D initiative that represents the company’s investment in developing next-generation solutions for future customer interactions. Driven by a group of internal innovators, researchers and visionaries, iLabs leverages TELUS International’s unique methodologies, best practices and deep expertise to develop solutions that can enable clients to differentiate themselves in increasingly competitive marketplaces.

TELUS International’s iLabs team was conceived with a vision to redefine the ways in which humans and technology interact in order to develop solutions that are practical today, but also focused on the future. Working with clients, the team leverages a wide array of leading-edge technologies, including augmented intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA), natural language processing (NLP), big data and analytics, cloud computing, software defined networks (SDN), the internet of things (IoT), and blockchain to create disruptive CX solutions that engage their customers.

“Our employee and customer first culture connects our global iLabs team members, empowering them to collaboratively solve customer challenges with a design-thinking approach and a commitment to driving value and return on investment,” said Mike Ringman, CIO of TELUS International. “We believe that given the accelerated pace at which we are progressing toward a fully digitally-enabled and connected world, companies that take a bold and progressive approach to their digital evolution today can achieve drastically improved productivity, value and efficiency within their operations, and attain a more engaged workforce by freeing employees from performing repetitive tasks to focus on more meaningful and value-added work.”

iLabs is designed to pioneer technological advances in the following areas and beyond:

  • Artificial Intelligence: iLabs focuses on cognitive AI, conversational AI and explainable AI to augment human intelligence in support of key business functions. Today, intelligent assistants serve as frontline agents in TELUS International’s customer experience solutions. An intelligent language translator, visual self-service, and biometrics are some innovative solutions that iLabs is working on among others.
  • Robotic Process Automation: The iLabs team’s approach to RPA goes beyond configuring software to imitate human activity or automate low-level, structured workflows. They are involved in measuring the worth of automating specific business operations to unlock additional value. Along with their Intelligent Insights platform that enables enterprises to evaluate, track and monitor RPA, their future-looking team is also working on the latest RPA trends, such as Agnostic RPA, RPA 2.0, and Humans-in-the-Loop.
  • Natural Language Processing: iLabs leverages NLP and related technologies to develop platforms that understand unstructured data, and give context to speech and text in natural language. Their future-looking team is currently working on several intelligent solutions based on NLP.
  • Big Data & Analytics: iLabs is incorporating big data analytics into various business operations to augment data management, and decision making and modeling. Comprehensive customer profiling, intelligent data organization and intelligent recommendations form part of the futuristic work in this field.
  • Cloud Computing: From cloud migration to optimization, iLabs offers solutions around fullymanaged multi-cloud platforms that help organizations modernize their business operations without having to build and maintain on-premise computing infrastructure.
  • Software Defined Network: iLabs is helping businesses adopt SDN through a collection of IP, solutions and frameworks that deliver modern infrastructure designed to redefine network management.
  • Internet of Things: iLabs is helping businesses realize closely connected data-driven, agile processes such as smarter supply chains to drive value and narrowband IoT to enable a wide range of devices and services. Their other areas of focus in the field of IoT, include domotics, secure IoT devices, edge computing and industry 4.0.
  • Blockchain: iLabs is working on a set of solutions that leverage blockchain technology to ensure data encryption, speed of access, traceability and trustworthiness to support decisions across various industries. Other areas of blockchain that their future-looking team is working on are Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), federated blockchain and blockchain interoperability.

“TELUS International iLabs is the logical progression in our company’s digital journey to provide leading-edge CX and DX solutions to our clients,” said Mohiuddin Khan Inamdar, director of iLabs, TELUS International. “It is invigorating to work alongside our clients in the spirit of co-creation and co-development, helping them pilot new, disruptive solutions and processes such as real-time language translation, automation and omnichannel conversational bots that can add significant value to their operations.”

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