Taoglas Launches 5G NR Beam-steering Gateway Antennas

New Taoglas 5G NR KSF.410 complements the Taoglas Shift Sub-6GHz
antenna to provide an integrated antenna solution for 5G fixed wireless
access gateways

a leading provider of IoT antenna and RF solutions, today announced the
launch of the Taoglas
5G NR KSF.410
, a new 5G millimeter wave beam-steering antenna
targeting frequency bands 27.5 GHz to 28.35 GHz. The KSF.410, the
industry’s first antenna utilizing beam-steering chipsets from Analog
Devices Inc. (ADI), is being showcased this week at Taoglas’ stands at
Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, and Embedded World in
Nuremberg, Germany.

Mobile network operators worldwide have begun buildout of 5G networks to
keep pace with demand for high-throughput, low-latency connectivity for
both enterprise and consumer use cases, ranging from smart
transportation and connected car to smart homes, electric vehicle
charging and mobile payment systems. Taoglas’ beam-steering technology
changes the economics of next-generation wireless networks by extending
coverage and increasing throughput exponentially, while requiring less

Taoglas’ beam-steering technology found in the KSF.410 array and chipset
combination is configured to work with an algorithm to provide dynamic
beam control. This new antenna array means the solution has extremely
robust amplitude and phase control with very fine beam tuning. This can
help to increase the link quality and deliver the best signal
propagation and reception to power the next generation of use cases that
demand extreme data speeds and capacity as well as higher reliability
and lower latency. The KSF.410 utilizes a new beam-steering chipset
technology from Analog Devices.

“Beam-steering is critical to 5G, allowing operators to extend coverage
of 5G networks and achieve higher throughput without additional
infrastructure investment,” said Ronan Quinlan, co-CEO and co-founder of
Taoglas. “Taoglas was early to market with beam-steering technology in
our groundbreaking Taoglas
antenna for Sub-6GHz applications, and now we have
beam-steering at NR mmWave with the KSF.410. The availability of
production-quality beam-steering chipsets from a company like Analog
Devices at production prices is a testament to just how quickly the 5G
market is maturing. Now customers developing fixed wireless access
gateways for 5G networks can integrate our Shift Sub-6GHz and the
KSF.410 NR mmWave antennas quickly into their products to be first to
market. Our engineering teams will work with the device manufacturer to
get the product integrated, optimized and tested quickly.”

Additional capabilities of the KSF.410 include:

  • Wide azimuth coverage; +/-60 degrees beam scan
  • Peak Gain: 17dBi
  • 16-element array with full amplitude and phase control at each element
  • Compact package at 105x35x1mm

For more information about the Taoglas 5G NR antenna range, visit the Taoglas
. The antennas are also being showcased at Taoglas’ stand
February 25-28 at Mobile World Congress 2019 (Hall 7, #7G11) in
Barcelona, Spain, and February 26-28 at Embedded World (Hall 3, Stand
3-336) in Nuremberg, Germany.

About Taoglas

is the world’s leading provider of antenna and RF solutions, delivering
high-quality, high-performance RF antenna, filter and cable solutions to
innovative wireless and IoT companies around the world. With nine
world-class design, support and test centers in Ireland, Germany,
Taiwan, China and the US, in-house manufacturing in Taiwan and the US,
and a dynamic online ordering system, Taoglas helps its customers
quickly and easily find the best solution for their unique device
hardware challenges. Best-in-class support, unmatched consultancy and
engineering expertise, and custom design services make Taoglas a trusted
adviser to companies across a range of wireless and IoT technologies,
from LTE, Wi-Fi, GNSS, DSRC, NFC, LORA/LPWA, NB-IoT / CAT-M and beyond
to 5G. This expertise is proven across a variety of use cases in IoT,
automotive, utilities and smart cities, healthcare, telematics, smart
metering and more.


Justine Schneider, Calysto
[email protected]

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