Strategy Analytics: Motive Is the Best Performing AI Dash Cam

Leading Research Firm Independent Evaluation Finds that Motive’s AI Dashcam Outperforms Other Leading Dash Cams in Overall Performance, Accuracy and Speed

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to leading independent research firm Strategy Analytics, the Motive AI Dashcam outperforms leading dash cams in accuracy and speed of unsafe driving detection. The report, AI Dash Cam Benchmarking, found that the Motive AI Dashcam successfully detected unsafe driving behavior 89% of the time, higher than Lytx (61%) and Samsara (15%).

Strategy Analytics conducted an independent evaluation that tested AI dash cams by Lytx, Samsara, and Motive for accuracy and speed of AI-based detection of unsafe driving behavior, image quality, and hardware design. The research found that Motive outperformed Lytx and Samara in every test that was conducted. Specifically, Motive had a higher success rate detecting unsafe driving behavior than both Lytx and Samsara in the following tasks:

  • Overall: Motive detected 89% of all unsafe driving events while Lytx detected 61% and Samsara detected 15%.
  • Phone call: Motive detected 94% of all phone calls while Lytx detected 54% and Samsara detected 0 phone calls.
  • Phone in lap: Motive detected 78% of phone in lap events while Lytx detected 42% and Samsara detected 16%.
  • Close following: Motive detected 72% of close following events while Lytx detected 42% and Samsara detected 42%.
  • Seat belt use: Motive detected 98% of seat belt violation events while Lytx detected 68% and Samsara detected 5%.
  • Texting: Motive and Lytx detected 100% of texting events while Samsara detected 14%.

“Accurate AI helps prevent accidents, therefore saving lives. Missed, false, or inaccurate alerts have serious consequences in high-risk, high-speed situations. Driving requires split second decision making — to help the driver AI needs to be done well otherwise it becomes a distraction,” said Paul Brown, the author of the report and Director of Projects at Strategy Analytics. “Motive’s fast and accurate AI dash cam has a real impact on people’s lives by keeping the roads safer for everyone.”

Strategy Analytics conducted 342 separate tests under daytime, dusk, and nighttime conditions in their research. All dash cams tested were new and camera positions were rotated daily. The report also highlights that Motive’s AI Dashcam is most preferred for its image and video quality, accurate in-cab alerts, and hardware design compared to Samsara and Lytx. Motive’s own research found that its AI-powered dash cams paired with frequent coaching resulted in 22% fewer accidents.

“Many vendors claim to have advanced AI capabilities to make drivers safe. However, the new research from Strategy Analytics shows Motive is the clear dash cam leader,” said Abhishek Gupta, Director of Product for Safety, Compliance, and Insurance at Motive. “We have invested years into building the best performing AI dash cam and driver safety platform on the market. The results show our data-driven process for collecting, labeling, and improving model performance combined with best in class hardware is transforming driver safety and giving Motive customers an edge.”

The complete Strategy Analytics report can be found here.

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