Strategy Analytics: Coronavirus Creates Storm of Tough Business Conditions – 3 Scenarios OEMs and Mobile Operators Need to Know

Coronavirus Fears Force Businesses to Heavily Rely on SaaS, Communications/Collaboration and Conferencing Apps

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on 11th March, 2020. The rapid spread of the virus has created an unprecedented situation among businesses globally, especially SMBs. Strategy Analytics’ Mobile Workforce Strategies latest report, “COVID-19 Impact Assessment on B2B Mobile Devices Market and Businesses Globally” provides perspective on the evolving situation and highlights implications for the global B2B mobile devices market. The insight outlines three potential impact scenarios on the B2B mobile devices market, to illustrate a range of possibilities, and conclude with some discussion of the implications for OEMs’ supply chains, and steps businesses can take now to prepare. As the outbreak is moving quickly, Mobile Workforce Strategies (MWS) will update or revise scenarios as the situation evolves.

In our analysis, three broad impact scenarios might unfold: a positive recovery, a global slowdown, and a negative pandemic-driven scenario. Here, we outline all three for both B2B smartphone and tablet markets.

According to Gina Luk, Principal Analyst of Mobile Workforce Strategies at Strategy Analytics and author of the report, “In the base scenario, Global Business Smartphone units will ship 12% fewer smartphone to Enterprises in 2020, and Global Business Tablet units will ship 14% fewer tablets to Enterprises in 2020, compared to our MWS Q3 forecast. Some sectors, like aviation, tourism, and hospitality, will see a crash in lost demand and other sectors, like manufacturing, construction, & wholesale will see delayed demand. Areas like education face a challenge to conduct more teaching online, which may see some uptick in demand from that sector. Public sector overall will slow down as Government restrictions to the most severely affected countries begin to really bite.”

Andrew Brown, Executive Director of Enterprise Research at Strategy Analytics, co-author of the report explained “Our view is that we are currently looking at something between a base case and negative-driven scenario. The rate of spread is growing rapidly outside China and is showing no signs of slowing down. It is also unprecedented to have this spread so quickly. We think it will drive a further push towards mobility and SaaS/cloud services, as well as remote collaboration and conferencing applications as more meetings are forced to be handled remotely to bring global teams together.”

For more details, please refer to COVID-19 Impact Assessment on B2B Mobile Devices Market and Businesses Globally.

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