Space Nation Unleashed: Legendary Founders Transform the Gaming and Entertainment Landscape with Next-Gen Transmedia Franchise

Visionaries of Independence Day, World of Warcraft, Warframe, and The Thirteenth Floor Join Forces to Create a Captivating Space Opera MMORPG with Accompanying Animated Shorts, Spinoff Games, and a TV Series

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Space Nation Inc., a pioneering force in the entertainment industry, announced today its transformative project that will redefine the gaming and entertainment industry. A visionary team comprised of Roland Emmerich (Independence Day), Jerome Wu (World of Warcraft), Tony Tang (Warframe), and Marco Weber (The Thirteenth Floor, Igby Goes Down) have united their creative forces to shape a next-generation transmedia franchise. This unprecedented endeavor introduces a captivating space opera MMORPG at its core, accompanied by a collection of immersive animated shorts, engaging spinoff games, and an epic TV series, all working in tandem to expand the vibrant universe and IP of Space Nation. Through this revolutionary blend of mediums, Space Nation aims to reshape interactive entertainment, offering players an unparalleled experience within a thrilling universe ripe with endless possibilities.

“The landscape of entertainment is evolving rapidly, and we see an incredible opportunity to redefine its boundaries,” said Jerome Wu, CEO and co-creator of Space Nation. “With our collaborative efforts, we aim to transform the way content is consumed, shared, and experienced.”

“Hollywood’s increasing interest in video games reflects a wider recognition of gaming’s popularity and storytelling potential,” said Roland Emmerich, co-founder and co-creator of Space Nation. “The expansive universe we’re building in Space Nation is a tremendous opportunity to captivate audiences wherever they consume entertainment with innovative new forms of storytelling.”

At the heart of the Space Nation vision stands Space Nation Online, an immersive MMORPG that breaks new ground in gaming. It offers a unique gaming experience that prioritizes gameplay, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge Web3 technology to enhance the overall immersion. Space Nation aims to set a new standard for inclusive and engaging interactive entertainment, captivating gamers, Web3 early adopters, and sci-fi enthusiasts alike. This extraordinary game combines compelling storytelling, immersive gameplay elements, and state-of-the-art Web3 technology to deliver an unmatched experience. Within the vast and dynamic universe of Space Nation, players will embark on a journey of rich storytelling, engage in epic battles from day one, and shape a player-driven economy.

“Space Nation Online represents a paradigm shift in gaming, where the capabilities of Web3 technology enhance the player experience,” Jerome Wu added. “Drawing from valuable lessons learned from the history of Web3 gaming, coupled with our two decades of experience in traditional MMORPGs, we firmly believe that blending the elements of entertainment and economic incentives is the optimal direction for the future of Web3 gaming. Throughout the meticulous three-year development of the game, our unwavering focus has been on creating immersive gameplay and placing fun-first as our guiding principle, while leveraging Web3 technology and tools to enrich the player journey.”

In Space Nation Online, players assume the roles of ship captains, embarking on an epic journey to unravel the mysteries of the Telikos Cluster and immerse themselves in the unfolding grand space opera. Set against a backdrop of a vibrant and diverse universe, inhabited by alien species and driven by three main factions with distinct ideologies and goals, players will venture into the uncharted depths of space, where endless possibilities await.

Space Nation Inc. has also received substantial backing from its partners and venture capitalists, with an impressive $50 million already invested in the game’s development. Notable investors such as Chain Hill Capital, Foresight Ventures, Lighthouse Capital, SevenX Ventures, HashKey Capital, Arcane Group, Initiate Capital, JDAC Capital, Assembly Partners, and Cristian Manea have contributed to the project. This diverse range of investors reflects the widespread enthusiasm and confidence in Space Nation. As the company prepares for the final round of funding in the Fall, Space Nation solidifies its financial support and sets the stage for a successful launch. As an MMORPG incorporating Web3 technology, Space Nation Online will be the first to launch globally with such an exceptional level of financial investment.

Space Nation Online’s alpha test is slated for August 2023, marking an exciting milestone in its development, paving the way for a highly anticipated commercial launch in Q2 2024. Further details regarding the animated shorts, spinoff games, and TV Series will be unveiled at a later date, building anticipation for the expansive transmedia universe of Space Nation.

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About Space Nation

Space Nation Inc. is a pioneering force in the entertainment industry, proudly presenting their next-generation transmedia franchise. At the heart of this franchise is Space Nation Online, an extraordinary space opera MMORPG that pushes the boundaries of gaming. With a strong emphasis on fun and immersive gameplay, the team seamlessly integrates innovative Web3 concepts and technologies to elevate the player experience. Founded by gaming industry veterans Jerome Wu and Tony Tang, alongside Academy Award-winning filmmaker Roland Emmerich and media entrepreneur Marco Weber, Space Nation Inc. is committed to delivering exceptional interactive entertainment that captivates audiences worldwide.



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