Soteria AI Intends to File First Patent, Driving AI Gaming Assistant Into Medical Research

Algorithm analysing why viruses mutate is being submitted to patent office, cementing AI assistant’s future across multiple industries

HONG KONG & SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Soteria AI, the company developing the first AI assistant for gaming, today announces that it is in the process of filing its first patent for an algorithm to help research professionals to understand how and why certain viruses mutate. After Soteria’s chief scientist, Devon Nobrega, completed a research project with Dr Lu Wang, Ph.D., entitled An Analysis of Single, Double, and Triple Nucleotide Substitution in Genetic Codons, Soteria is in the process of filing this patent to protect the intellectual property of the algorithm itself.

“In the next year, Natasha – our AI assistant – will focus on supporting gamers and helping them to improve how they play,” says Devon Nobrega, Chief Scientist. “But we also see a bright future in medical research. After supporting Dr Lu Wang in completing his research paper on viral mutation, we have positioned a part of the company to support medical research staff in their work, including analyzing raw data and virtually assisting doctors.”

The research paper looks to start discussions on why certain viruses – like HIV – maintain a more stable protein structure, and examines whether certain mutations are uniformly random, concluding that they are not. The collaboration between Devon Nobrega and Dr Lu Wang also helped to establish what kind of support medical researchers would need from an artificially intelligence assistant.

“The application of artificial intelligence will be felt across the entire world,” continued Nobrega. “It’s a logical progression to deploy it in the gaming arena, but Soteria is also making significant progress in the sectors of medical research and military intelligence. Although supporting a human researcher requires far greater intelligence than analyzing a fixed gaming environment, we are confident that this patent lays the starting groundwork for a very bright future for the project.”

Soteria AI will be launching its first game in North America next year, Rising Fire Battle Royale, which will ship with its artificial intelligence assistant, Natasha, embedded in the gameplay. The firm recently announced that it had raised $5m in seed funding from N5 Holdings, working closely with partners Axion and AIGO to develop the AI assistant.

About Soteria

Soteria AI LLC is developing the next generation of artificial intelligence. Initially focused on supporting gamers across online multiplayer platforms, it is funding research into quantum, AI platform technology and biochemical computing. With offices in the US and China, it was founded in 2019 by William Nobrega, former Green Beret and serial entrepreneur.


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