Soiltech Wireless Participates in Event to Highlight the Importance of Rural Connectivity

RUPERT, Idaho–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Last week, our team at Soiltech Wireless was invited to participate in an event hosted by AT&T which sought to highlight the importance of rural connectivity. During the event, we had the privilege of sharing the value of our connected solution for the agricultural value chain – from soil to storage.

“Reliable connectivity is essential for farmers and ranchers across the country facing ever-tightening decision windows,” said Ehsan Soltan, CEO of Soiltech Wireless. “Those of us in agriculture need to be able to access data and information in real-time, whether we’re in the field or the office. Our solution provides a tangible example of why projects like AT&T Fiber are so important.”

Fiber is the backbone of AT&T’s mobility network, which provides the IoT connectivity for the Soiltech Sensor. The sensors use AT&Ts wireless network to provide near real-time crop data via the Soiltech Wireless app, enabling users to receive alerts when their crops are experiencing unexpected conditions, which can help address issues anywhere from the field to the food storage facility.

AT&T CEO John Stankey attended the event in Vanderburgh County, where he and County Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave announced the first locations to get AT&T Fiber as part of a countywide, $39 million network deployment. The public-private partnership is an example of how leaders are expanding access to broadband networks and narrowing the digital divide in rural communities.

“The business of agriculture is complex and in recent years, the promise and demand for technology to do things like build more precise fertility plans, streamline management, and optimize water use has become increasingly palpable,” said Soltan. “However, one of the primary barriers standing in the way of this advancement in the way we grow our food, fuel, and fiber is the connectivity challenge.”

A survey released by Purdue University in February of this year found that nearly 3 in 10 of the nation’s largest producers have no internet access or poor internet access. This leaves these farmers, each of whom produces over $500K per year, unable to take advantage of many of the advanced technologies being developed in the space.

“Innovation in agriculture continues to grow,” said Soltan. “Farmers face hyper-competitive markets and tight margins every day. Couple that with the pressures of increasing weather variability, the need for resource efficiency, and consumer demand for traceability and you begin to get a feel for the importance of precision tools in agriculture. They need access to the right tools, and that begins with reasonable internet access.”

We have built our solution to be the first fully integrated soil-to-storage analysis tool. It begins with the sensor delivering data through the entire crop and product supply chain – from the soil planted as a seed, and ends at the storage facility, where it is transformed into fuel, food, or fiber.

“It is critical that agricultural technology is easy to use, simple to set up, and delivers tangible benefits to farmers and their downstream partners,” said Soltan. “It must also be farm-hardened and durable, functioning in the most extreme weather conditions, while continuing to deliver valuable insights.”

This is a tall order for any technology, but it’s exactly how we have built our systems at Soiltech – grower first, with the capability to help them better collaborate with their downstream partners.

Our comprehensive approach, coupled with our easy-to-use solution, enables farmers and their downstream partners to be proactive about their decisions throughout a product’s lifecycle. It also allows them to deliver better quality goods, enhance product value, validate sustainability, and solidify the partnership between the farmgate and customers.

Soiltech is also part of AT&T’s Connected Climate Initiative, which seeks to help businesses collectively reduce a gigaton (1 billion metric tons) of emissions through connectivity solutions, an effort which will contribute to a better, more sustainable world.

Agricultural Monitoring from Seed to Shelf

Our solution is the first fully integrated seed-to-shelf analysis tool, delivering full-cycle product information you can trust to increase operational efficiency and make informed management decisions across your agricultural product pipeline.

Everything begins with the Beacon, a sensor that can be planted, harvested, and transported with crops. The sensor delivers data throughout the entire product life cycle.

The Signal platform actively monitors real-time success factors, integrating soil moisture, temperature, humidity, crop damage, and location with a robust set of agronomic insights.

These measurements provide growers, advisors, researchers, and downstream supply chain partners with critical insights, enabling optimal decision-making.

We have worked directly with growers and their advisors to develop a cost-effective product that provides actionable data that can now help manage workforce resources, reduce inputs and increase yields. The device arrives to users pre-calibrated and activated, so users need only to bury it under the soil or place it in their fields.

Learn more about how we can help you unlock the value of full-cycle crop monitoring today.


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