Softing Acquires Phoenix Digital

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Softing has acquired the assets of Phoenix Digital Corporation (PDC), a provider of secure industrial fiber optic communications products.

“Phoenix Digital’s secure fiber optic modules are a great addition to Softing Industrial’s portfolio of IoT communications products, expanding the technologies offered and the industries served,” said Dr. Wolfgang Trier, CEO of Softing.

Phoenix Digital provides communications modules that are high availability industrial networking solutions. They eliminate the need for typical Ethernet networking hardware when connecting PLC to PLC and when connecting PLC to smart field devices which simplifies connectivity, nearly eliminates setup and maintenance and drastically improves network robustness.

The patented Phoenix Digital communications approach is secure by design. The fiber-optic packet-encapsulation technology requires no user-based software and is simple to deploy. The ring topology sets up with a single dip switch on only one of the modules. No programming, configuration, or addressing assignments are required. The PDC system is MACID based, not IP based. The end user does not have to set up an IP based system or cross reference tables.

Oil and Gas, Mining, Chemical, Water, Wastewater and Infrastructure are all key industries for PDC. These industries value robustness, security, and the ability to bring the systems back online very quickly.

About Phoenix Digital

Founded in 1992, Phoenix Digital operates on the principal that industrial fiber optic networking shouldn’t be difficult. Its fiber optic communications modules are installed in demanding environments such as oil and gas, water/wastewater, mining, bridges and tunnels, and power generation. The secure fiber optic modules require no IP programming, software updates, security patches, driver updates or memory flash configurations.

About Softing

Softing is a leading global provider of products for Industrial Automation and for Automotive Electronics. For over 30 years, Industrial data communications between fieldbus devices, controllers, and hosts has been the core business of Softing Industrial Automation. The company uses standardized technologies in the field of process engineering applications and discrete manufacturing. Based on in-house technology and cross-sector expertise, Softing offers innovative hardware and software products together with comprehensive integration services for fieldbus technology, Industrial Ethernet, and OPC. For more information visit



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