SMK Electronics Corporation, U.S.A. to Introduce Milweb™ Millimeter Wave Sensor Technology with Proprietary Algorithms at CES 2023

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SMK Electronics Corporation, U.S.A. today announced a new MilwebTM Millimeter Wave Sensor Technology and Solution. Utilizing the company’s proprietary algorithms, the Milweb Wave Sensor can identify objects, surfaces, up-coming terrain and even, at a close range, an individual’s heart rate and respiration. This versatile new sensor technology has applications in Home Automation, Automotive Manufacturing, Healthcare and Safety products. (Booth #52360 Venetian Expo, January 5th-8th, 2023, Las Vegas).

“Anticipating the needs of today’s quickly evolving, tech-savvy marketplace, our customers are seeking new ways to incorporate automation and smart technologies into their builds, adding new safety features and functionalities, for example, to deliver technologically advanced product offerings to consumers,” said Paul Evans, President of SMK Electronic Corporation, U.S.A. “As just one of a broad spectrum of applications, SMK’s new Milweb sensor can be utilized by our Automotive Partners to detect vehicle rear seat occupancy–a function that can be then integrated into the car’s optical system.”

SMK’s Milweb Sensor – Applications

SMK Electronics’ Milweb Millimeter Wave Sensor can be utilized in a wide variety of markets and applications, including health and fitness equipment (detecting heart rate and respiration), advanced security systems (intruder detection and notification), room occupancy (public restroom utilization), vehicle alert systems (rear-ward vehicle notification), and many more.

About SMK Electronics

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