SIMO Holdings, Skyroam Inc Wins $2.2MM in Patent Lawsuit

Jury finds uCloudlink (GlocalMe) willfully infringed on patent

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#lawsuit–A jury awarded the holding company of Skyroam, Inc. (, SIMO Holdings Inc, $2.2MM in damages and delivered a verdict of willful patent infringement against UCloudLink Network Technology Limited America, brand-named GlocalMe, in their patent infringement lawsuit.

The lawsuit, SIMO holdings, Inc vs. Hong Kong uCloudlink Network Technology Limited and uCloudlink (America), ltd, filed June 2018 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York claimed that UCloudLink infringed certain claims of US Patent 9,736,689 by selling its infringing WiFi hotspot devices in the United States. The lawsuit alleged unauthorized use of patented technology, which is prohibited by law, and was intended to protect SIMO’s significant investment in its innovative Virtual SIM (vSIM) technology.

The jury determined that at least one of the asserted claims of SIMO holdings Inc.’s US Patent 9,736,689 was not invalid and awarded $2.183 million in damages covering the period from August 13, 2018 to December 31, 2018. The jury also found that uCloudlink’s infringement was willful.

“At Skyroam, we seek to deliver joy and connectivity to people and travelers across the world. Our proprietary Virtual SIM technology is core to achieving this,” said Jing Liu, Skyroam CEO.

“We are grateful for the jury’s assistance in helping us protect and defend our patent, and in doing so, helping to defend the rights of all small companies and inventors who spend their nights, weekends, savings, and untold amounts of emotional energy to improve the lives of consumers and deserve to have their work protected.”

More background information can be found in the original press release about the lawsuit:

“This is an important victory for us,” commented Jing Liu, Skyroam CEO. “The decision affirms what we believed all along – that UCloudlink has improperly infringed our valuable intellectual property rights.”

About Skyroam

Skyroam was founded in Silicon Valley by technology innovators who identified a common pain-point among fellow travelers: getting fast, secure, and reliable mobile internet connection on the road. To solve this problem, Skyroam developed and patented its virtual SIM (vSIM) technology, which delivers on-demand local wireless data through local carrier partnerships around the world. Enjoyed by over 15 million users worldwide, Skyroam’s global hotspots, embedded with a vSIM, enable unlimited mobile WiFi in 130+ countries. Skyroam’s vSIM technology also provides global mobile data access to IoT, M2M, and wearables applications. Visit for more information and stay in touch at @MySkyroam on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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