Sevco Security Launches World’s Most Accurate CAASM Platform Powered by Proprietary Four-Dimensional Cybersecurity Asset Intelligence Correlation and Visualization Engine

Company Receives Multiple Patent Allowances for Core Platform Technology That Enables True Understanding, Coverage and Context of Devices, Users and Applications on a Continuous, Real-time Basis

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sevco Security today announced the launch of the industry’s most accurate CAASM platform powered by its proprietary four-dimensional (4D) cybersecurity asset intelligence correlation and visualization engine. In conjunction with the launch, Sevco also announced it received multiple patent allowances for the core platform technology that gives organizations the most comprehensive understanding of their IT asset inventory across the four dimensions of length, breadth, depth and time.

Despite the prevalence of cybersecurity asset management solutions, organizations continue to struggle to create a comprehensive IT asset inventory that accurately reflects the dynamic attack surface in real time. This is extremely costly for numerous reasons — Sevco’s latest State of the Cybersecurity Attack Surface report found that more than 19% of all IT assets are missing endpoint protection, while nearly 27% of IT assets are not covered by enterprise patch management solutions. In addition, approximately 17% of endpoint protection software is licensed but not in use.

“An accurate IT asset inventory is the foundation of every major security framework,” said J.J. Guy, co-founder and CEO of Sevco Security. “Existing CAASM solutions fail to cover all the dimensions required to provide true accuracy, leaving organizations dangerously exposed. Sevco’s proprietary asset intelligence platform is the only CAASM that provides a four-dimensional view of the asset landscape, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and take effective action to manage and secure their environments.”

Sevco Security’s patent allowances cover its core technology including the correlation of device information across multiple security sources (or technologies) and the aggregation of their attributes and characteristics into a single asset. It also covers Sevco’s Venn Diagram visualization to show groups of assets in relation to their status or membership to a security or IT source.

This technology uniquely provides asset intelligence across the following four dimensions.

Length: The Sevco platform delivers essential insights into the full scope of an organization’s assets, including devices, software, and identities, and how they are interconnected. IT and security teams can view by device types, including end-user, server, BYOD, IoT, OT, cloud and more.

Breadth: The Sevco platform provides landscape-wide visibility by collecting data from various sources (including IoT, private and public cloud and inside/outside the firewall) and aggregating it into a single view, revealing comprehensive views of any specific asset type.

Depth: The Sevco platform empowers organizations to identify and understand potential vulnerabilities or security risks that may exist within each asset by analyzing details from various layers of their technology stacks. New capabilities in the platform include software inventory and vulnerability visibility that provide greater depth for any particular asset. In addition, users can also pivot and search for assets with specific software installed or vulnerabilities present.

Time: As a critical component of 4D Asset Intelligence, the Sevco platform continuously delivers organizations up-to-date, relevant information on the state of their assets, allowing them to quickly detect and respond to any issues or threats.

Sevco Security will demonstrate the 4D Asset Intelligence platform at executive briefings during the week of RSA Conference, April 24-27. To schedule a briefing, please contact [email protected]. For more information on the Sevco platform, please download the datasheet.

About Sevco Security

Sevco is the cloud-native CAASM platform delivering the industry’s most accurate, real-time IT asset inventory. Hundreds of companies rely on Sevco’s 4D Asset Intelligence engine to bridge the gap between IT and security teams. By providing a continuously updated inventory of assets across IT, public/private cloud, IoT devices, operational technology (OT), supply chain, contractors and remote users, Sevco autonomously identifies and closes previously unknown security gaps, while dramatically improving incident response. Sevco’s patented asset telemetry uncovers significant security gaps and out-of-compliance assets in every deployment without fail. Founded in 2020 and based in Austin, Texas, Sevco is backed by SYN Ventures, .406 Ventures, Accomplice, and Bill Wood Ventures. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @SevcoSec.



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