Sevco Security Launches New CAASM Platform Capabilities to Enable Organizations to Adopt Full-Scale Vulnerability Hunting Programs

Cloud-native Asset Intelligence Platform Automatically Creates a Map of an Organization’s Attack Surface Vulnerability Risks to Rapidly Prioritize and Address Issues as They Arise

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sevco Security, the cloud-native CAASM platform provider delivering the industry’s most accurate, real-time IT asset inventory, today announced first-of-its-kind vulnerability hunting capabilities. Organizations can use Sevco’s cloud-native asset intelligence platform to continuously hunt, assess, and track security risks to information systems and security procedures to proactively prioritize response efforts.

Current vulnerability management activities are limited in scope, infrequent and siloed. They are typically associated with CVEs, whereas misconfigurations and unprotected devices and users present equally dangerous vulnerabilities for attackers to exploit. When security programs address the full scope of an organization’s vulnerabilities, it’s often handled as a one-off or periodic security risk assessment that almost immediately becomes stale. In addition, legacy assessment tools only provide narrow views of security risk and don’t enable security analysts to search across asset classes to gain context for uncovering security risk vulnerabilities.

Sevco’s Asset Intelligence Platform augments and enhances current point-in-time practices such as penetration testing by giving broader, continuous visibility of the entire organization’s security landscape. Using Sevco as a primary solution to discover and analyze all assets greatly strengthens existing vulnerability management and assessment programs.

“An organization-wide vulnerability management program is far more than just a security assessment, periodic penetration test, or patch management program,” said J.J. Guy, co-founder and CEO of Sevco Security. “The best approach for managing vulnerabilities — those security risks across your environment — is to use an ongoing and proactive process that regularly hunts for, prioritizes, and addresses security risks in your information system, system security procedures, and internal controls.”

Sevco Security’s patented 4D Asset Intelligence Correlation Engine gives organizations the most comprehensive understanding of their IT asset inventory across the four dimensions of length, breadth, depth and time. This provides security teams with the full context of managed and unmanaged assets (devices, users, applications) across IT, public/private cloud, IoT devices, operational technology (OT), supply chain, contractors, and remote users, which is critical to proactive vulnerability hunting.

For example, the Sevco CAASM platform enables security teams to identify devices that don’t have patch management software installed or aren’t connected to handle a response effort when a zero-day threat emerges. In addition, Sevco delivers the context to proactively hunt for gaps in devices and systems that are missing security controls such as EDR and segmentation, as well as view the identity of the device owner to assess risk level.

Sevco Security will demonstrate its vulnerability hunting capabilities and the 4D Asset Intelligence platform at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit in National Harbor, MD, June 5-7, 2023. To schedule a briefing, please contact [email protected]. For more information on the Sevco platform, please download the datasheet.

About Sevco Security

Sevco is the cloud-native CAASM platform delivering the industry’s most accurate, real-time IT asset inventory. Hundreds of companies rely on Sevco’s 4D Asset Intelligence engine to bridge the gap between IT and security teams. By providing a continuously updated inventory of assets across IT, public/private cloud, IoT devices, operational technology (OT), supply chain, contractors and remote users, Sevco autonomously identifies and closes previously unknown security gaps, while dramatically improving incident response. Sevco’s patented asset telemetry uncovers significant security gaps and out-of-compliance assets in every deployment without fail. Founded in 2020 and based in Austin, Texas, Sevco is backed by SYN Ventures, .406 Ventures, Accomplice, and Bill Wood Ventures. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @SevcoSec.


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