SEMIFIVE announces commercialization of its 5nm HPC SoC Platform with lead partner Rebellions, AI Chipmaker startup based in Korea

Delivered Rebellions’ ATOMTM high performance versatile inference custom SoC built on Samsung Foundry’s leading 5nm FinFET technology

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ASIC–SEMIFIVE, a leading design solution provider and pioneer of platform-based custom silicon solutions, today announced successful commercialization of its 5nm HPC SoC Platform with its lead partner Rebellions, an AI hardware and software solution startup. This is SEMIFIVE’s second commercialization of its SoC Platform solutions built on Samsung Foundry’s mass production proven FinFET process technologies.

Designed to realize custom HPC chips and ASICs for end applications such as high-end AI accelerators, hyperscale data centers, cloud servers, network and storage processors, SEMIFIVE’s HPC SoC Platform solution significantly lowers chip development cost, shortens time to market with reduced development risks. The SoC Platform includes a high-performance interleaved memory system consisting of 4 channels of GDDR6 and 16 lanes of PCIe Gen5 high speed interface. Together with a quad-core 64-bit Arm Cortex-A53 CPU cluster for balanced high performance and compute power efficiency, the platform includes complete system and other peripheral IPs which are all pre-verified and integrated.

Rebellions ATOMTM SoC is designed to deliver uncompromised inference performance across different types of ML tasks, computer vision, natural language processing and recommendation models. The custom SoC achieved excellent ResNet50 (Single Stream Latency: 0.239ms) and BERT-Large (Single Stream Latency: 4.297ms) scores on the latest MLPerf™ Inference v3.0 benchmark. As a lead partner for SEMIFIVE’s SoC Platform program, Rebellions and SEMIFIVE teams collaborated closely to ensure all critical requirements including Rebellions’ neural core IP are all fully integrated into the final ATOMTM SoC. With first time right silicon execution, SEMIFIVE delivered complete packaged parts and evaluation boards which enable Rebellions to verify its high speed ATOMTM performance, as well as demonstrated industry leading inference performance and latency results. Rebellions is expected to commence mass production of ATOMTM SoCs from middle of 2024.

“We are thrilled with the successful launch of ATOMTM, our first-generation 5nm high performance AI accelerator chip for Edge and Cloud Computing applications which has been already commercialized with KT Cloud,” said Sunghyun Park, CEO of Rebellions. “Thanks to SEMIFIVE’s unique SoC Platform technology coupled with their excellent packaging and bring up expertise, we were able to meet key milestones and technical specifications of ATOMTM, which will be a game changer solution in this era of intensive AI applications like the popular ChatGPT.”

“HPC application represents a vital growth and focus segment for Samsung Foundry business. We have prepared a comprehensive line-up of advanced FinFET and Gate-All-Around process technologies, as well as a broad design enablement portfolio and advanced packaging solutions for innovators to harness the full potential of our total solution,” said Gibong Jeong, Executive Vice President and head of Foundry Business Development team, Samsung Electronics. “Samsung Foundry’s SAFETM DSP ecosystem plays a critical role in delivering custom HPC SoC designs, and we congratulate our DSP partner SEMIFIVE for the successful commercialization of Rebellions’ ATOMTM chip on our 5nm FinFET technology.”

“Today’s milestone marks another highlight of our proven SoC Platform technology and total custom chip design capabilities. We are proud to collaborate with our lead partner Rebellions for the 5nm HPC SoC Platform and more importantly excited to see the ATOMTM project moving into volume production stage,” said Brandon Cho, CEO and founder of SEMIFIVE. “We will continue to contribute for innovations in the custom silicon industry as a leading DSP of Samsung Foundry SAFETM Ecosystem.”

SEMIFIVE’s SoC platform solution drastically lowers chip development cost, turn around time and risks, allowing more diverse industry players to innovate and challenge the semiconductor landscape. Multiple adopters have benefited from its AI inference platform, AIoT and HPC platform developed on Samsung Foundry’s advanced FinFET process technologies. More details of its 5nm HPC SoC Platform and other updates will be showcased at the coming Samsung Foundry Forum and SAFETM Forum events, where SEMIFIVE is participating on-site at the various global venues (USA, Korea, Japan and EMEA).


SEMIFIVE is the pioneer of platform based SoC design, working with customers to implement innovative ideas into custom silicon in the most efficient way. Our SoC platforms offer a powerful springboard for new chip designs and leverage configurable domain-specific architectures and pre-validated key IP pools. We offer comprehensive spec-to-system capabilities with end-to-end solutions so that custom SoCs can be realized faster, with reduced cost and risks for key applications such as data center or AI-enabled IoT. With a strong partnership with Samsung Foundry as a leading SAFETM DSP partner, as well as the larger ecosystem, SEMIFIVE provides a one-stop shop solution for any SoC design needs. For more information, please visit


Kelvin Low

General Manager, SEMIFIVE US Inc

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