RSA Conference 2020: News Recaps through February 24

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#RSAC–RSA Conference 2020 started today at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The event runs through February 28.

Business Wire is the official news wire partner for RSA Conference 2020. Listed below is the news recap through February 24.*

02/24/2020 – 02:22 PM

Devo Security Operations Recognized with Multiple Awards at RSA Conference 2020

02/24/2020 – 01:30 PM

Intertrust Launches First and Only Enterprise-Ready White-Box Cryptography Solution for Web Applications

02/24/2020 – 01:15 PM

Tufin to Showcase New Hybrid Cloud Security Solution SecureCloud at RSA Conference 2020

02/24/2020 – 01:05 PM

McAfee Releases Major Updates to MVISION Platform to Protect Data and Defend Against Threats From Device to Cloud

02/24/2020 – 01:01 PM

McAfee Introduces Unified Cloud Security Platform to Deliver Secure Access Service Edge

02/24/2020 – 01:00 PM

PreEmptive Announces JSDefender

02/24/2020 – 01:00 PM

McAfee Offers Managed Threat Detection and Response Platform Collaborating With DXC Technology

02/24/2020 – 01:00 PM

McAfee Releases Innovations to Its MVISION Cloud Platform to Protect Cloud-Native Application Infrastructure

02/24/2020 – 12:35 PM

Waratek Receives InfoSec Award for Cutting-Edge Web Application Security

02/24/2020 – 11:47 AM

Attivo Networks® Sweeps 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, Garnering Six Product and Service Category Wins

02/24/2020 – 09:47 AM

Elastic Debuts Integrated Security Offering at RSA 2020

02/24/2020 – 09:10 AM

Onfido Wins InfoSec Award for Best Next Gen Fraud Prevention Product at RSA Conference 2020

02/24/2020 – 09:00 AM

Menlo Security Wins Award for Cutting-Edge Anti-Malware and Named Editor’s Choice for SaaS/Cloud Security During RSA Conference 2020

02/24/2020 – 09:00 AM

LogicGate Debuts Integrations at 2020 RSA Conference

02/24/2020 – 09:00 AM

Pindrop® to Unveil Deep Voice 3 at RSA, Extending Company’s Lead in Voice Security

02/24/2020 – 09:00 AM

White Ops Named Winner of the Coveted InfoSec Awards during RSA Conference 2020

02/24/2020 – 09:00 AM

Stellar Cyber Named Winner of the Coveted InfoSec Awards during RSA Conference 2020

02/24/2020 – 09:00 AM

Silverfort Named Winner of the Coveted InfoSec Award ‘Most Promising Cybersecurity Startup of the Year’ during RSA Conference 2020

02/24/2020 – 08:05 AM

FireMon Delivers New Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services Integrations to Improve Public Cloud Visibility, Control and Security Management

02/24/2020 – 08:04 AM

Attivo Networks® Honored with Five 2020 InfoSec Awards from Cyber Defense Magazine

02/24/2020 – 08:00 AM

NEW RESEARCH: Nearly 60% of Security Professionals Believe Cloud Deployments Surpass Security Capabilities According to FireMon’s 2020 State of Hybrid Cloud Security

02/24/2020 – 08:00 AM

BigID Introduces Next Generation Data Security Capabilities For Finding and Protecting Crown Jewel Data

02/24/2020 – 08:00 AM

Secure Channels Inc. to Exhibit at RSA Conference 2020

02/24/2020 – 07:27 AM

Securonix Enables Use Case Testing at Full SOC Scale with New Analytics Sandbox Capability

02/24/2020 – 07:00 AM

QuoLab Advances the Security Operations Market with a Collaborative, Data-Centric Platform

02/24/2020 – 07:00 AM

Titan IC to Exhibit at RSA Conference 2020

02/24/2020 – 06:16 AM

Cloud Security Alliance Opens the Call for Papers for SECtemberSM

02/24/2020 – 06:15 AM

Adaptiva Introduces Endpoint Health With 111 Health Checks for Clients and Servers

02/24/2020 – 06:06 AM

Cloud Security Alliance 2020 Initiatives Changing the Face of IT Audit and Cloud Assurance

02/24/2020 – 06:05 AM

Checkmarx Simplifies Automation of Application Security Testing for Modern Development and DevOps Environments

02/24/2020 – 06:00 AM

ExtraHop Extends Cloud-Native Detection & Response Leadership with Industry’s First Fully Integrated Hosted NDR Solution for Hybrid Enterprises

02/24/2020 – 06:00 AM

GreatHorn Unveils Biometric-Based Account Takeover Solution

02/24/2020 – 06:00 AM

CSA Continues to Drive Leadership in Cloud Security with New Research

02/24/2020 – 06:00 AM

Trustifi’s New OCR Tool Brings AI to Email Security, Auto-encrypting Sensitive Images

02/24/2020 – 06:00 AM

Cygilant to Highlight the Need for Encrypted Traffic Visibility at RSA Conference 2020

02/24/2020 – 06:00 AM

DFLabs Reveals Its New IncMan SOAR Platform With Advanced Features for Enterprises And MSSPs

02/24/2020 – 05:30 AM

Revolutionary Mellanox ConnectX-6 Dx SmartNICs and BlueField-2 I/O Processing Units Transform Cloud and Data Center Security

02/24/2020 – 05:30 AM

RSA Conference 2020 Kicks Off in San Francisco

02/24/2020 – 05:30 AM

CyberArk Releases First-of-Its-Kind Privilege Deception Capabilities

02/24/2020 – 05:17 AM

Fortanix Announces Availability of Self-Defending Key Management Service on VMware Cloud Marketplace

02/24/2020 – 05:11 AM

Venafi to Exhibit at RSA Conference 2020

02/24/2020 – 05:00 AM

Spirion Extends Proven Data Privacy Manager Platform to the Cloud

02/24/2020 – 05:00 AM

CrowdStrike Introduces Endpoint Recovery Services to Accelerate Incident Response and Remediation

02/24/2020 – 05:00 AM

FireEye Unveils New Cloud Security Innovations

02/24/2020 – 05:00 AM

Intelligence Squared From Hillstone Networks Debuts at RSAC 2020

02/24/2020 – 05:00 AM

Introducing the FireEye Mandiant Threat Intelligence Suite

02/24/2020 – 05:00 AM

CrowdStrike Brings Industry-Leading Visibility through the Cloud-Native Falcon Platform to All Workloads Across All Environments

02/24/2020 – 04:00 AM

F5 Empowers Customers with End-to-End App Security

02/24/2020 – 04:00 AM

Anitian Introduces First-Ever Cloud-Based Documentation Automation to Provide Security and Compliance with a Single Click

02/24/2020 – 03:00 AM

Lucy Security Wins Three Gold 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

02/24/2020 – 03:00 AM

Cybersecurity Marketer of the Year Winners Announced

02/24/2020 – 03:00 AM

CyberSaint Named Winner of Five Gold Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, Including Best Integrated Risk Management Solution

02/24/2020 – 12:00 AM

Americans Divided on Perceptions About Personal Data Privacy Control

02/23/2020 – 10:00 PM

ISACA’s Cybersecurity Study Shows Skills Gaps, Hiring and Retention Struggles Persist

02/23/2020 – 09:01 PM

McAfee Helps Partners Build Competitive Edge With Open Platform Approach to Cloud Security

02/21/2020 – 02:45 PM

ExtraHop Executives to Speak About Enterprise Security, Decryption, and Privacy at RSA Conference 2020

02/21/2020 – 11:18 AM

Thales: Trusted Access, Cloud Security and Data Discovery to Take Center Stage at RSA Conference 2020

02/21/2020 – 05:00 AM

Zimperium Delivers Record Revenue in 2019 Marked by Triple Digit New Customer Growth, Innovative Product Enhancements and Compelling Strategic Partnerships

02/21/2020 – 03:00 AM

STEALTHbits Awarded ‘2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards’ – Named Best Cybersecurity Company, Best Privilege Access Management Product

02/20/2020 – 03:30 PM

The MITRE Corporation to Exhibit at RSA Conference 2020

02/20/2020 – 03:30 PM

MITRE Engenuity to Evaluate Cybersecurity Products Based on Carbanak and FIN7 Groups

02/20/2020 – 11:42 AM

Gurucul Automates and Advances Threat Hunting with AI/ML for Intelligent Threat Detection and Faster Response Times

02/20/2020 – 09:30 AM

CyberX Announces Integration with Microsoft Azure Security Center for IoT, Joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

02/20/2020 – 09:00 AM

Mobile Security Leader Lookout Announces Nearly 250% Jump in Business Customers, 320% Increase in Phishing Protection Licenses and Over 100 Million Apps Analyzed

02/20/2020 – 08:48 AM

STEALTHbits to Present On Active Directory Privilege Security Pitfalls and Unveil Corporate Rebrand Design at RSAC2020

02/20/2020 – 06:03 AM

Zero Networks Launches Industry’s First Autonomous Network Access Orchestrator, Announces $4.65 Million in Funding

02/20/2020 – 06:00 AM

Code42 Data Exposure Report: Collaborative Work Environments, Dynamic Workforce Exacerbate Insider Threat Problem

02/20/2020 – 05:00 AM

FireEye Mandiant M-Trends 2020 Report Reveals Cyber Criminals Are Increasingly Turning to Ransomware as a Secondary Source of Income

02/20/2020 – 03:00 AM

Virsec Launches Solution for Continuous Application Protection from Development through Production

02/20/2020 – 03:00 AM

Virsec Launches Solution for Continuous Application Protection from Development through Production

02/19/2020 – 11:00 PM

BrandShield Launches ElectionShield Product to Protect Political Campaigns From Online Threats

02/19/2020 – 10:00 AM

Cymatic Presents Unified Web Defense at RSA 2020

02/19/2020 – 07:00 AM

BluBracket Introduces First Comprehensive Security Solution for Code in a Software-Driven World

02/19/2020 – 06:00 AM

Fidelis Cybersecurity Announces Significant Enhancements to Its Elevate Platform to Help Organizations Proactively Defend Their Cyber Terrain

02/19/2020 – 06:00 AM

Jitsuin to Showcase Digital Security Twins for IoT at RSA Conference 2020

02/19/2020 – 06:00 AM

Cyware Labs Enhances Suite of Cyber Fusion Solutions with “The Human Element”

02/19/2020 – 05:30 AM

New CISO View Report Highlights the Importance of Risk Reduction for Robotic Process Automation

02/19/2020 – 05:00 AM

New DivvyCloud Report Finds Breaches Caused by Cloud Misconfigurations Cost Enterprises Nearly $5 Trillion

02/19/2020 – 12:00 AM

Spikes in High-Risk Vulnerabilities and Public Cloud-Based Attacks Dominate Threat Landscape, Imperva Researchers Find With New Cyber Threat Index

02/18/2020 – 10:19 AM

MediaPRO’s Lisa Plaggemier to Share Insights on Advancing Cybersecurity Awareness Programs at RSAC 2020

02/18/2020 – 08:59 AM

CORRECTING and REPLACING Byos Cautions RSA Conference 2020 Attendees, Travelers and General Public to “Dirty Half-Dozen” Public Wi-Fi Risks

02/18/2020 – 08:45 AM

ZeroNorth Demonstrates the Path to Secure DevOps at RSA Conference 2020

02/18/2020 – 06:30 AM

Signal Sciences Named a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Web Application Firewalls Two Times in a Row

02/18/2020 – 06:08 AM

Kingston Encrypted IronKey D300 Series Achieves NATO Restricted Level Certification

02/18/2020 – 06:01 AM

TrueFort CEO Invited to Present on Securing Enterprise Applications at RSA Conference 2020

02/18/2020 – 06:00 AM

NCP engineering to Exhibit its Remote Access VPN Solutions at the RSA Conference 2020

02/18/2020 – 06:00 AM

SentinelOne Unveils Singularity, THE Platform to Defeat Every Attack, Every Second of Every Day

02/18/2020 – 05:00 AM

Arctic Wolf Names Dan Larson as Senior Vice-President of Marketing

02/18/2020 – 03:00 AM

SIRP Launches S3 Scoring Module to Help Organizations Prioritize Threat Response

02/18/2020 – 12:00 AM

Discover Entrust Datacard and nCipher High Assurance Digital Security Solutions at RSA Conference 2020

02/17/2020 – 05:00 AM

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions Expands and Strengthens Partner Program

02/14/2020 – 07:13 AM

Virsec and Tech Mahindra Collaborate to Deliver Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions to Customers Globally

02/14/2020 – 06:00 AM

Cybersecurity Author Richard Stiennon Publishes New Book Chronicling History of IT Security, “Security Yearbook 2020”

02/14/2020 – 05:00 AM

Will Briggs of Arctic Wolf Recognized on CRN’s 2020 Channel Chiefs List

02/13/2020 – 09:22 AM

Gurucul Automates Threat Detection and Response for MITRE ATT&CK Framework Providing Highest Security Coverage

02/13/2020 – 07:04 AM

Spirent Expands CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment Solution with Even Greater Capabilities for Evaluating Network Security Attack Exposure

02/12/2020 – 06:50 AM

Devo Technology Introduces Next-Gen Security Operations Platform to Transform the SOC and Scale Security Analyst Effectiveness

02/12/2020 – 06:00 AM

AppOmni Selected as Finalist for RSA Conference 2020 Innovation Sandbox Contest

02/12/2020 – 05:00 AM

RSA NetWitness® Platform Bolsters Threat Detection and Incident Response

02/11/2020 – 06:44 AM

Nightfall Announces Group of All-Star Investors and Extends Slack DLP Integration to Enterprise Grid

02/11/2020 – 06:00 AM

MediaPRO Research Reveals Almost Two-Thirds of U.S. Employees Unaware if the CCPA Applies to Their Organization

02/11/2020 – 06:00 AM

Entrust Datacard Simplifies High-Assurance Authentication With Next Generation Passwordless Workforce Login and Fully Digital Customer Identity Proofing

02/11/2020 – 05:30 AM

RSA Conference 2020 Expands Education Programs

02/10/2020 – 08:00 AM

Keysight to Highlight Solutions that Help Organizations Accelerate Defenses with Dynamic Network Intelligence at RSA 2020

02/05/2020 – 07:00 AM

Secure Code Warrior and Manicode Security to Lead Unleash Your Inner Security Champion Learning Lab at RSA Conference 2020

02/05/2020 – 05:30 AM

RSA Conference Reveals RSAC Launch Pad 2020 Participants

01/30/2020 – 11:49 AM

CORRECTING and REPLACING 2020 Cybersecurity Marketer of the Year Nominees and Judges Announced

01/30/2020 – 09:00 AM

Media Alert: Intel at RSAC 2020

01/30/2020 – 07:48 AM

Tala Security Selected as Finalist for RSA Conference 2020 Innovation Sandbox Contest

01/30/2020 – 04:30 AM

NETSCOUT Reports Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2020 Financial Results

01/29/2020 – 12:00 AM

nCipher Introduces Cloud-first Architecture, Bringing Security and Control to Public and Private Clouds

01/28/2020 – 02:13 PM

RSA Conference Announces Finalists for RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest 2020

01/28/2020 – 06:13 AM

Elevate Security Selected as Finalist for RSA Conference 2020 Innovation Sandbox Contest

01/28/2020 – 03:00 AM

STEALTHbits Enters 2020 With an Expanded Sales Team and Aggressive Growth Plans

01/23/2020 – 06:00 AM

ESET to Lead Linux Malware Workshop and Showcase Groundbreaking Amazon Echo KRACK Research at RSA 2020

01/09/2020 – 05:00 AM

PacketViper Deception360® Available for Microsoft Azure

12/17/2019 – 07:00 AM

Cloud Security Alliance Announces Speakers for CSA Summit at RSA Conference 2020

12/04/2019 – 06:00 AM

Swimlane Launches Level-Up Initiative with Inaugural RSA Conference Raffle to Embolden Industry Analysts

12/03/2019 – 06:01 AM

Gurucul Labs Shortlisted as Best Managed Security Service in 2020 SC Awards

12/03/2019 – 05:30 AM

RSA Conference Announces Initial 2020 Keynote Speakers

11/14/2019 – 03:06 PM

RSA Conference 2020 Introduces the RSAC Engagement Zone

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