Quake Global Launches Mobile Hand-Held RFID Reader, The QIAM™ App, Now Available in the App Store®

Global, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of a Mobile
Hand-Held RFID Reader Solution with the release of the iOS Application
for QIAM ™ (Quake Intelligent Asset Manager) available for iPhone®.
This new app is available in the App Store® and offers
another mechanism for closing the loop on location visibility and
process optimization with UHF RFID asset tracking for both localized and
remote assets. The App can be used in a wide variety of industries
including hospitals, military, logistics, manufacturing and IT.

The QIAM App can be used with apple iPhones versions 6 through X. Using
the QIAM App is easy; place the phone in the cradle, turn on the power,
and start scanning to locate thousands of RFID assets simultaneously
with a range of up to 30 feet. The app uses visual prompts to pinpoint
the precise asset location and automatically update Quake’s QIAM live
user interface and asset database, even in areas where there is no RFID

Quake’s innovative QIAM RFID asset management solution, based on the
passive UHF RFID standard, enables users to locate, track, and manage
their resources and processes in ways that were not previously possible.
The resulting data can identify operational deficiencies using analytics
to create system baselines and make meaningful process change that can
result in measurable ROI.

“Our launch of this app is the first of many, as we continue to innovate
and make our offerings available in the formats that are most helpful
for our customers. This application enables our customers with
comprehensive connectivity between business and personal communication
devices for best-in-class asset management solution in the ever-evolving
world of IoT. Customers with an Apple iPhone and QIAM can expand their
ability to drive data analytics, improve and streamline processes and
increase ROI for any business,” said Polina Braunstein, President and
CEO of Quake.

About Quake Global:

Quake Global is a technology company delivering innovative solutions for
the IoT connected world. Our solutions provide real time synchronized
and simultaneous 360° visibility to everything that matters in mission
critical operations for industries that include Construction, IT,
Logistics, Healthcare, Military, Industrial, Transportation, Maritime,
Agriculture, Mining, Oil and Gas.

Quake Global’s state of the art products offer RFID, BLE, Wi-Fi and
Ethernet, LTE, V2X and satellite communication.

For more information, visit https://www.quakeglobal.com.


Paula Dycaico
[email protected]

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