Phoenix Labs Officially Launches Dauntless with 1.0 Update, Surpasses 15 Million Players

Dauntless 1.0 Marks a New Era in the Evolving Online Action RPG with a New Season Including an All-New Weapon, Dire Behemoth, Bounty System and More

Experience the Thrill of the Hunt in the Dauntless 1.0 Launch Trailer

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Phoenix Labs officially launches its popular co-op action RPG, Dauntless, with its 1.0 update. With more than 15 million players in Early Access, this milestone marks the beginning of a new chapter for the ever-evolving online game. Today, Dauntless also received its largest seasonal expansion to date, “Aether Unbound,” which features an all-new weapon, Behemoth, Hunt Pass, Bounty system and more. Dauntless is among the first games to feature full cross-platform support and is available to download now for free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Dauntless 1.0 is a new beginning for the Behemoth-hunting game, delivering an expansive live gameplay experience that takes into account years of feedback from the game’s passionate community. Dauntless will continue to grow and expand with new content and features, keeping Slayers sharp and entertained with new weapons, Behemoths, in-game events, stories and much more for years to come. Upcoming developments can be tracked on the official Dauntless roadmap.

“Today is the celebration and culmination of the past five years of the development of Dauntless, and the amazing community of Slayers that have supported the game, provided feedback and ultimately helped us craft the experience of the Shattered Isles,” said Jesse Houston, Phoenix Labs CEO and Co-Founder. “As we cross the 1.0 milestone and 15 million players, we as a studio could not be more excited to set our sights on the future of Dauntless.”

The next seasonal expansion, Aether Unbound, adds a powerful new way for Slayers to hunt: the aether strikers. The combo-heavy strikers transform Slayers into living weapons with the ability to unleash fast-moving attacks and powerful techniques. This update also adds the savage new Dire Behemoth, Tempestborne Stormclaw, a new Bounty system, and a Hunt Pass packed with special challenges and in-game rewards. The new Bounty system replaces weekly quests and Hunt Pass part breaks, empowering Slayers to pick and choose which bounties they are most interested in pursuing. Phoenix Labs also squashed more than 500 bugs on the road to its 1.0 launch, making this patch one of Dauntless’ most polished to date.

Dauntless is available now as a free download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on the Epic Games Store, and offers seamless cross-platform play that allows players to easily access their account on any platform. Dauntless will launch on the Nintendo Switch console in late 2019.

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Phoenix Labs is an independent game company based in Vancouver, British Columbia with offices in San Mateo, California and Seattle, Washington. The company was founded in 2014 to create games for its passionate community and evolve the way great games are made and enjoyed. They aspire to create new AAA gaming experiences that their community will share for years to come. Their debut title, Dauntless, a co-op Action RPG, is developed by a veteran team from BioWare, Riot Games, and other acclaimed studios. For more information on Phoenix Labs and to view open positions at both the Vancouver and San Mateo studios, please visit


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