ParkourSC Builds on Commitment to Transform Supply Chain Operations With New Targeted Solutions

ParkourSC Digitizes, Automates, and Delivers Actionable Intelligence Across all Functions in the End-to-End Supply Chain

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#LogiPharma–At LogiPharma USA today, ParkourSC, a leader in digital supply chain operations solutions, underscored its commitment to the pharmaceutical industry by announcing extended solutions designed to empower customers as they seek to deploy strategic initiatives to digitize and transform supply chain functions, such as demand fulfillment, manufacturing, inventory, planning, and the digital customer experience. Today’s announcement follows the recent expansion of ParkourSC’s platform with intelligent digital twin and AI technologies specifically designed for digital supply chain operations across multiple enterprises.

“The technology advances that we introduced in June 2022 marked a new era of possibilities for customers beyond just supply chain visibility,” said ParkourSC President and CEO Mahesh Veerina. “The ability to digitize entire supply chain ecosystems across all constituents, regardless of organization, removes data silos while allowing deep intelligence to be embedded, driving the continuous alignment of planning and execution. Furthermore, digital twins bring collaboration and automation across workflows to every supplier, customer, and partner, improving agility, which is critical given the ongoing supply chain challenges and disruption.”

The pharmaceutical industry is a core focus for ParkourSC and the legacy supply chain challenges in that industry are well-documented. ParkourSC surveyed 200 pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors and found more than a quarter of firms had experienced damaged, spoiled, or lost inventory. Around 90% reported they didn’t have full visibility across their enterprise-wide supply chains and didn’t trust the in-transit data they were receiving.

“Working closely with our customers, we identified distinct pain points across all domains of the supply chain where our solutions can be applied to deliver tangible improvements, deeper insights from richer, more timely data to drive smarter responses, and automated problem solving,” added Veerina.

ParkourSC’s digital supply chain operations platform is the first end-to-end solution of its kind in the market. The platform provides important command center capabilities that, align and automates vertical domain-specific operations such as order and demand fulfillment, sourcing, logistics and distribution, inventory optimization, and supply and demand planning Managing supply chain operations within a command center allows the performance of all operations to be continuously monitored, automated, and extended.

By extending the solutions offering, ParkourSC helps pharmaceutical, biologics, and life sciences customers leverage its digital supply chain operations platform to tacklespecific challenges, including:

  • Order and demand fulfillment: Improve shipment of perfect orders on time
  • Inventory performance: Meet all demand with minimal carried inventory
  • Source to manufacture: Improve manufacturing cycle time and minimize raw material shortages
  • Logistics and distribution: Optimize and track the best lanes and routes to meet timelines
  • Sustainability, quality, and compliance: Meet and track ESG goals and minimize waste and spoilage
  • Supply and demand planning: Improve and optimize planning with historical and real-time data
  • Digital customer experience: Create a transparent and flexible supply chain for all stakeholders

“With our command center for supply chain operations, our customers can gain predictive intelligence into supplier capacity based on history and market insights and proactively adjust production shifts to avoid or mitigate supply risks,” concludes Veerina. “This is just one example of many areas where we are adding true, meaningful value.”

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ParkourSC digitizes supply chain operations to improve resilience, increase agility, and drive strategic innovation. Our real-time supply chain operations platform is powered by next-generation technologies such as hyper-scale graph modeling, AI/ML, and massive real-time data ingestion from IoT and other systems and signals. Customers use ParkourSC to create intelligent digital twins of their supply chain, continuously align planning and execution, foster collaboration across the extended enterprise, and increase profitability by delivering new technology-enabled products, ensuring quality, compliance, and sustainability, and eliminating millions of dollars of waste. For more information, visit:


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