OWIT Global Partners with Maprisk

OWIT Global Digital Platform Integrates with Maprisk Data Services

WEST HARTFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#agencyportal–OWIT Global, the leader in value-added microservices technology for the global insurance industry, announces today that they formed a partnership with Maprisk to utilize data services for automated risk assessment across multiple perils.

Maprisk, located in Portland, Maine, provides policy life cycle and natural hazard data to property/casualty insurers. With multiple natural hazard solutions that cover Wildfire, Flood, Wind, Hail and additional reports like Crime, Property Information, and Occupancy, Maprisk solutions can be utilized to support a wide variety of carriers across the policy life cycle.

OWIT Global’s Digital Platform delivers solutions built on microservices, including User Experience, Rating, Rules, Document, Bordereaux and Integration Services. Through its integration with Maprisk, OWIT’s Point of Sale Solution (POS) receives property data that assists the carrier in assessing a property underwriting risk. The data retrieved is processed through the rules microservice portion of the POS to automate decision direction. This integration has been completed for a common customer.

Wendy Aarons-Corman, CEO and President, Americas, said, “Due to our microservice architecture and support for APIs at any point in a workflow, the Maprisk integration was painless. Our team was incredibly impressed with their innovative product and high energy team and look forward to more future opportunities to work together.”

Maprisk co-founder Brad Sherwin said, “We built the Maprisk platform with integrations like this in mind and are excited to partner with OWIT. The joint efforts of Maprisk and OWIT have exceeded customer expectations and we look forward to additional projects together.”


OWIT is a global insurance technology provider offering solutions built on a modern architecture designed to simplify innovation and integrate with existing customer environments to maximize their investments. The OWIT portfolio is comprised of discrete, value-add cloud-based microservices for Bordereaux, Rules, Rating, Portal Configuration, A&H and Specialty Point of Sale and Document Generation with future capability to tailor a full suite of Policy Administration System (PAS) microservices. The company’s offerings can be deployed standalone or integrated with an insurer’s existing environment. OWIT’s architecture is also designed to support emerging technologies and functionality such as block chain and IoT.

About Maprisk

Maprisk is a private company that provides policy life cycle and natural hazard data to property/casualty insurers. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Portland, ME. Maprisk solutions are designed to help insurers with a wide variety of data needs and geospatial support during the policy life cycle, including underwriting, inspection, and claims. Maprisk solutions are delivered via a custom web-based platform or RESTful API.

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