Ohio Scuba Diving Quarry Installs First Underwater Farm in the United States

Gilboa Quarry to grow fresh produce underwater reducing environmental impact of crop growth.

OTTAWA, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gilboa Quarry (www.gilboaquarry.com), the leading scuba diving quarry and entertainment center in the Midwest, is partnering with OceanReefGroup, an innovator in underwater technology, to install the first effective Nemo’s Garden underwater farming biosphere in the United States. The Nemo’s Garden installation at Gilboa Quarry is a significant milestone in sustainable marine agriculture development in the United States.

Nemo’s Garden is a revolutionary concept developed by OceanReefGroup, which combines cutting-edge technology and innovative design to cultivate crops underwater. By leveraging the natural properties of the ocean, this pioneering initiative aims to address food security challenges, reduce the ecological footprint of traditional agriculture, and explore new frontiers in sustainable farming.

The Gilboa Quarry biosphere will be live streamed on YouTube and Facebook and on the Gilboa Quarry website where marine enthusiasts from around the world can watch divers enjoy crops growing underwater in Ohio, USA. The installation at Gilboa Quarry will be closely monitored utilizing OceanReefGroup’s Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring and reporting technology, and valuable insights will be gathered to assess the feasibility and potential scalability of underwater farming initiatives in the USA.

”OCEAN REEF is thrilled to partner with Gilboa Quarry to bring Nemo’s Garden to the United States,” said Luca Gamberini, VP of OceanReefGroup – OCEAN REEF. “This project showcases the potential of sustainable agriculture and underscores our commitment to exploring innovative solutions for the challenges facing our planet.”

“We are excited to collaborate with OceanReefGroup on this pioneering venture,” stated Lyle Deitch, Partner in Gilboa Quarry. “Nemo’s Garden represents a significant leap forward in sustainable farming practices, and we are proud to contribute our expertise in creating and maintaining an optimal underwater environment for this project through this first, incredible, testing ground in Ohio. We know our divers will love experiencing the beautiful biosphere and a unique scuba experience that can only be found domestically at Gilboa Quarry. It is our hope that Gilboa Quarry can be a dedicated hub for this technology engaging divers and marine enthusiasts, students, educators, and the business community.”

About Gilboa Quarry:

Gilboa Quarry is a renowned family friendly scuba diving destination and entertainment center known for its unrivaled underwater visibility, abundant and unique marine life and underwater attractions, and exceptional diving experiences. With its commitment to environmental preservation, Gilboa Quarry provides a thriving ecosystem and serves as an ideal location for underwater research and initiatives.

About OceanReefGroup – OCEAN REEF:

OceanReefGroup – OCEAN REEF is a pioneering company specializing in underwater technology www.oceanreefgroup.com. Through innovative and cutting-edge equipment, OceanReefGroup – OCEAN REEF is dedicated to exploring the Oceans and implementing sustainable solutions for the challenges facing our oceans and the planet.


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