Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Actually Want

For The Mom Who Loves Her Beauty Routine

nyl Skincare

nyl® skincare focuses as much on what is not in our products as what is, and we’ve found ways to leave the bad stuff out, leaving on/ly the natural active ingredients in. nyl products are free of man-made chemicals, toxins, parabens, animal products and petroleum products. Everything we make is vegan (we don’t use beeswax), never tested on animals, gluten-free, and contains organic ingredients.   

Price: $18.00 – $150.00


Piperberry is a skincare company created with one single principle in mind: to provide highly effective skincare products using the latest science and the most natural ingredients possible. Piperberry uses adaptogens to help balance cortisol levels and help prevent the reduction of collagen and other signs of inflammation. They’re found in plant-based ingredients such as licorice root, sea buckthorn and holy basil.

For The Mom Who Loves Chocolate & Tea

Chocolate Pizza Company Peanut Butter Wings

Your Mom’s eyes will light up when you send her this beautiful, hand-decorated Chocolate Pizza. Chocolate Pizza Company is the only place you’ll find Peanut Butter Wings — a unique salty-sweet treat that is sure to be the hit of your next party or the gift your loved ones won’t stop raving about.

Price: $18.95

Sweet Vegan

If mom only chooses vegan options, we have that too! Sweet Vegan is here to show you just how delicious a truffle can be without using any dairy or other animal products. Sweet Vegan chocolates come in a variety of gift box choices. You can also create your own.

Price: $5 – $80

Kabaki Tea

What’s the one thing we get told the most when we’re sick?! Hydrate! With that being said, let’s boost your immune system with this delicious tea! This tea is vibrant in color, has high levels of potent antioxidants, and is delicately flavored.  

Price: $19.75

For The Mom Who is Health Conscious


Remaining healthy during this novel coronavirus outbreak applies just as much to our mental health as it does our physical being. In fact, research is showing more people in quarantine are turning to self-care routines to manage their anxiety and stress. During these uncertain times, CBD businesses are seeing a relatable sales increase for their products.

Price: $74.99

The Restroom Kit

At a time when reducing disease, bacteria and viruses is more important than ever, this kit plays an impactful role and it’s supporting first responders and medical professionals in the process. This compact, all-in-one pack provides the four most essential items needed when using an inadequate or unsanitary restroom to protect against germs and harmful bacteria. Each kit contains a patented oversize seat cover with rear pocket to support stability and alignment, 1 yard of 3 ply toilet paper, hand wipe and flushable tush wipe.

Price: 3 pack – $11.00

For The New Mom


The MEMEENO belly band applies the optimal amount of coverage, gentle compression and natural warmth on your baby’s belly. This self-heating band gives your baby womb-like security and just enough hug around the tummy to ease out gas and relieve aches, making it one of the safest, most effective external remedies for gas and colic symptoms. The band uses premium organic cotton and water-based dyes in all the beautiful prints. 

Price: $26.95

Abiie Ruby Wrapp

Patented Bib-lock protects the eating surface fro-m external contamination while on-the-go. Eco-friendly bib, made with high quality food-grade silicone. Perfect bib for your loved ones at all occasions, anytime, anywhere.

Price: $12.99 – $18.99

Abiie High Chair

Beyond Junior Y Chair is an ultra-modern high chair, designed to grow with your child all the way to adulthood. Its revolutionary EZ-Seat technology not only makes the sitting area easy for cleaning, it also enables quick adjustment of the seat in less than 20 seconds. This eco-friendly high chair, made from top-quality European cultivated beechwood, is a perfect choice for your family that will last for years to come.

Price: $194.95

Kid Proof

Kid Proof Protectant utilizes nanotechnology to safely seal your cloth and leather from strawberry milkshakes, gummy bears and whatever else your kids spill in the car. Kid Proof doesn’t use fluorocarbons, acetone, or naphtha. Our nanotechnology based ingredients actually bond to the cloth or leather creating an impermeable barrier. Price: $16.00

For The Mom Who Housewares

Life Giving Warmth The Cozee

Take The Cozee with you wherever you go. The innovative battery pack lasts for more than 5 hours of continuous heat and features 2 USB ports making it easy to charge your mobile devices no matter where you are. The weather and water-resistant exterior of The Cozee is designed to withstand the wind, snow, and even light rain!

Price: $249.99

Tom & Sheri’s Iron In A Bottle

Ironing is the worst. Introducing Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle, a plant-based wrinkle releaser spray for clothing. Family owned & inspired. Look and feel your best without sacrificing precious time. Made in America.

Price: $17.95

For The Mom Who Loves Technology


As people around the world tap into virtual surroundings to ease their thoughts and emotions during these uncertain times, one app is showing consumers how they have the psychological power to control life on and off the digital screen. Healium is the world’s first virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) simulation powered by brainwaves and heart rate. Calm your anxieties and channel your positive energies to create a beautiful on-screen story. Your thoughts and heart rate control the visuals you see.

Price: $29.99

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