Mitsubishi Electric Demonstrates Cross-Industry Products and Technology that Connect and Unite a Sustainable Smart Society

Booth Exhibit Tells a ‘Day in the Life’ Story of Living in a Smart Society from Four Key Perspectives: Life, Industry, Infrastructure and Mobility

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LAS VEGAS & CYPRESS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CESMitsubishi Electric today announced its slate of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) virtual exhibits that demonstrate cross-industry products and technology, available once all regulatory approvals are obtained, that connect and unite a sustainable smart society. Altogether, the exhibits tell a “day in the life” story of living in a global smart society from four key perspectives – Life, Industry, Infrastructure and Mobility – that promote safety, comfort and convenience for people while monitoring their health.

“Advancing a global, sustainable smart society for people is core to Mitsubishi Electric’s corporate strategy,” said Mike Corbo, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. “The technology, products and solutions across every business unit, regardless of the industry it serves, contribute to today’s evolving smart society.”

The four key perspectives, or pillars of focus, help categorize the company’s offerings across industries such as power, transportation, home appliances, infrastructure, manufacturing, IT/communications and others, all of which are vital contributors to growing the smart society. The four pillars include the following:

  • Life involves safety, comfort and accessibility for people, along with health monitoring tools.
  • Industry refers to using automation solutions and information processing for advanced manufacturing of goods that people will use.
  • Infrastructure covers energy solutions and advanced monitoring systems that keep people and businesses moving in a sustainable way.
  • Mobility enables safe, convenient and sustainable transportation of people and things.

Each of these pillars will have a dedicated presence at the organization’s virtual CES booth with specific product and visual demonstrations to detail their significance in achieving a sustainable smart society. In the Life area, visitors can see how HealthCam, a touchless health monitoring solution currently undergoing regulatory review, can check vital signs and detect threatening health conditions and alerts someone for help (see separate release). Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS) will showcase the energy savings and personal comfort enabled by its suite of heating and air conditioning products, while ICONICS will demonstrate software solutions for Net Zero buildings that enable monitoring and adjusting ventilation, temperature control and more based on occupancy, heat maps and other building-performance metrics.

In Industry, through a collaboration with RoboTire, a robotic arm will change a tire, representing the type of everyday automation that speeds business processes at places such as a tire shop, while keeping automotive technicians safe and addressing labor shortages in the workforce. In Infrastructure, the Power-I™ System improves resiliency of the electrical grid, enabling utilities to analyze equipment performance, reducing operational costs and increasing worker safety. In the Mobility area, multi-purpose transport robots will automate and accelerate movement of people and things, such as fulfilling a mobile order, then picking up and delivering goods to a user’s vehicle parked outside.

According to Corbo, the depth of Mitsubishi Electric’s smart society-oriented offerings is vast, spanning products that monitor an individual’s health up to power-grid management software products for large utilities.

“While these products are at different levels of development, we are one of the few companies in the world with the vision of offering a breadth of products, systems and technology to help governments and companies promote sustainability, accelerate decarbonization and improve people’s lives at a global level,” said Corbo. “As more product integration happens over decades, and the interconnection of people-centric technology and systems becomes widespread, Mitsubishi Electric will be at the forefront of helping realize a truly sustainable, global smart society.”

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