Medigate’s Device Security and Asset Management App Now Available on Cortex by Palo Alto Networks

today announced the availability of its device security and asset
management app on Cortex™
by Palo Alto Networks
– the industry’s only open and integrated
AI-based continuous security platform. Building on Cortex allows
partners to use normalized and stitched together data from customers’
entire enterprises to build cloud-based apps that constantly deliver
innovative cybersecurity capabilities to joint customers.

Medigate’s unique clinically-contextual device discovery and anomaly
detection technology, combined with Palo Alto Networks data and
enforcement points made available through Cortex, allows hospitals to
see and manage everything running on their clinical network, instantly.
With a few clicks of the mouse, hospitals can turn on the Medigate app
and immediate start seeing what’s on their network with integrated data
from their Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls. Medical devices
are now more secure and implementing and managing them has never been

“Our collaboration with Palo Alto Networks is essential for healthcare
delivery organizations as they work to secure everything connected to
their clinical network,” said Jonathan Langer, CEO of Medigate. “IoT
security for healthcare can now be consumed as an application on Cortex.
The Medigate app simplifies the painstaking task of securing, procuring
and implementing the right infrastructure to support IoT security.”

“Cortex partners can leverage the vast amount of rich data available
from across the enterprise to create AI-based innovations that provide
more automated and accurate security outcomes to our joint customers,”
said Karan Gupta, SVP of Engineering for Cortex at Palo Alto Networks.
“We’re proud to welcome Medigate to our expanding ecosystem of
developers building innovative apps.”

Cortex is designed to radically simplify and significantly improve
security outcomes. Deployed on a global, scalable public cloud platform,
Cortex allows security teams to speed the analysis of massive data sets.
Cortex is enabled by the Cortex
Data Lake
, where customers can securely and privately store and
analyze large amounts of data normalized for advanced artificial
intelligence and machine learning to find threats and orchestrate
responses quickly.


About Medigate

is the industry’s first and leading security and asset management
platform for medical and general IoT devices, enabling providers to
deliver secure, connected care. Medigate fuses the knowledge and
understanding of medical workflow and device identity and protocols with
the reality of today’s cybersecurity threats. With Medigate, hospital
networks can safely operate all medical and IoT devices on their
network, enabling deployment of existing and new devices to patients
while ensuring privacy and safety. Medigate is recognized as one of Fast
’s prestigious 2019 World’s Most Innovative Companies.

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