LogDNA Partnerships Fuel Growth in Application Modernization and Development

Log management leader adds to its ecosystem with enhanced documentation for their offering on IBM Cloud and integrations with LaunchDarkly and Vercel

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LogDNA, the leading log management solution for DevOps teams, today announced new documentation for using their software with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions and integrations with LaunchDarkly and Vercel. The company’s lasting partnership with IBM Cloud has now expanded to provide logging for Red Hat OpenShift on VMware on the IBM Cloud, allowing users to centralize their logs with IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA. The new integrations with LaunchDarkly and Vercel help developers streamline their DevOps workflows with seamless logging with LogDNA.

“We believe that companies provide the most value to customers by having strong, healthy ecosystems that help accelerate product implementations, and developed LogDNA to be platform and cloud agnostic in order to encourage strategic partnerships that expand our technical reach,” said Chris Nguyen, Chief Strategy Officer for LogDNA. “Our focus is on the journey of our customers and to ensure that our product strategy tightly aligns to their operational needs and goals. Expanding our offering with IBM Cloud, and integrating with LaunchDarkly and Vercel are part of this strategy.”

In the race to develop applications and services faster, developers need every advantage they can get. The ability of DevOps teams to gather all of their logs into a centralized log management system ensures that all the necessary context—information, details and history—is available when needed. LogDNA delivers actionable logs to developers, system administrators, SREs and security analysts to build, operate and secure systems up and down the stack.

Moving Towards Digital Transformation: IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA

As more companies advance their digital transformation initiatives by embracing a hybrid strategy and building cloud native applications, a new problem arises—managing applications in distributed environments. LogDNA is working with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions to help users centralize their logs from their monolithic applications alongside their new containerized applications built on Red Hat OpenShift. This collaboration helps organizations use their logs to securely move their workloads to the cloud and containerize their applications on Red Hat OpenShift on VMware on the IBM Cloud.

Building a Robust Ecosystem of Developer Tools

  • LaunchDarkly is the feature management platform that software teams use to build better software, faster with less risk. LogDNA and LaunchDarkly together offer the powerful combination of logging and feature flagging in an effort that yields benefits for both the vendors and their users. LaunchDarkly’s feature management platform serves over 6 trillion feature flags a day, on 14 million mobile devices and 3 million servers. The integration between LogDNA and LaunchDarkly enables developers to rapidly iterate on feature flags, with the added visibility of a full logging platform from LogDNA.
  • Vercel is the leading frontend developer platform, having built the industry leading Next.js, the most popular React framework available today. LogDNA and Vercel together offer the powerful combination of log collection using log drains that make it easy to gather logs from deployments and forward them to LogDNA so that you can see them alongside all of your other logs. LogDNA enables petabytes of data from disparate locations (public cloud, private cloud, on-premise, hybrid, IoT and PoS) to be parsed and searched very quickly by Vercel users.

LogDNA is a modern log management solution that empowers DevOps teams with the tools they need to develop and debug their applications with ease. LogDNA helps its users leverage their data to better understand the overall health of their systems and identify trends at scale. This year alone, LogDNA was featured on the Gartner Top 25 Enterprise Software Startups to Watch in 2020 list, the Forbes Cloud 100 Rising Stars list, the Enterprise Tech 30 list, the 10 Hottest Cloud Startups of 2020 list, was named a SaaS Award Finalist, received the IBM Cloud Embed Excellence Award and was included in the 2020 Fortune 100 Best Small and Medium Size Companies to Work For list.

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LogDNA is a centralized log management solution that empowers DevOps teams with the tools that they need to develop and debug their applications with ease. LogDNA’s innovative features put users in control of their data, allowing them to gain valuable insights from their logs. For more information, visit LogDNA.com.


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