iPhone Users Spend The Most Time Of These Apps

Smartphones are everywhere. They’re in our pockets, our backpacks and purses, their out on the desk at work and oftentimes out on the dinner table and at restaurants. But who logs the most hours on their devices? Are they really a young person’s vice?

According to a new study by Provision Living, baby boomers are clocking only slightly less screen time hours than their millennial counterparts. The study asked 1,000 millennial and 1,000 baby boomer iPhone users to go into their iPhones’ screen time settings and record their average daily screen time, and the time spent on their top apps over the past week. The results revealed that millennials, on average, spend 5.7 hours a day of their devices, while boomers spend around 5 hours.

So where does the time go?

Both generations are spending the greatest amount of screen time on social media. Facebook and Instagram were the top time-sucking applications across generations. Millennials spend an average of one hour and nine minutes on Facebook and 52 minutes a day on Instagram, while boomers spend one hour on Facebook and 44 minutes on Instagram. After that, the generations diverge. Millennials are more likely to be texting or making an old fashioned phone call, while boomers spend a greater amount of time on email and messenger applications.

While many are glued to their screens, it’s clear that most don’t really have a problem with it. Roughly one in three people underestimates how much time they spend on their phones, but even faced with the hard realities of their usage, two in three said they had no plans to curb their screen time.

Courtesy of www.provisionliving.com

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