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CLATSKANIE, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AltheaSmart–Althea’s SmartRouters just got smarter!

By embedding Althea’s KeyLTE core technology into our SmartRouter, we’ve created the only home router in the world that gives you full ownership over your internet and full autonomy from traditional ISPs.

With KeyLTE, you get GamerFAST internet speeds, open access infrastructure, and a crypto wallet ─ all wrapped into one device. KeyLTE, an integral LTE EPC, moves SmartRouters to a whole new level, enabling users to establish and control their own broadband LTE networks.

Born from pivotal innovations in interoperability of blockchain and telecom infrastructure, KeyLTE is the world’s first embedded home router Evolved Packet Core (EPC).

Historically, only the largest mobile carriers could effectively utilize LTE protocol, and doing so meant managing their nationwide cell tower networks with a handful of regional EPCs.

KeyLTE addresses the inherent security, privacy and sovereignty constraints of this legacy EPC model with a hybrid EPC that utilizes cloud management for limited but complex operations, such as roaming and SIM card management, while traffic and data management is performed locally. The result is enhanced privacy, security, autonomy, as well as lower latency compared to legacy LTE network architectures.

The World’s Smartest Router may look and cost the same as consumer grade routers, but that’s where the similarities end. It’s a money-making, data-owning, crypto-wallet, open access connector ─ the only one of its kind that allows full internet ownership and autonomy.

“KeyLTE makes ownership a CHOICE,” says Deborah Simpier, CEO and co-founder of Althea. “When we embed a KeyLTE core into the home router, it gives everyone the ability to own infrastructure and opens previously inaccessible areas, delivering broadband, mobility, and IoT capabilities into new and challenging areas so that everyone can enjoy GamerFAST and reliable connectivity.”

One of the exciting use cases is that farmers can now own and operate private LTE networks, seamlessly and easily, right from their home router. Together with AgFiber, Althea is pushing the boundaries of telecom, going beyond broadband to a holistically connected network with mobility, IoT and home access.

COVID has highlighted an existing need to develop new and innovative ideas in infrastructure and protocols. KeyLTE comes from over a year of testing and iterating solutions together with tribal broadband leadership, carriers, and ISPs in 2.5GHz and CBRS.

Althea KeyLTE is rolling out in networks across the US, with plans to implement in Puerto Rico and seven new markets in 2022.

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About Althea

Althea is a new way to access broadband internet that enables growth in the network through a unique system of revenue sharing. Althea was founded in 2017 with the vision to bring the open market and interoperable peering from the data center to the field and empowering communities to build multi-stakeholder networks faster and more affordably than legacy telecom models.


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