Infinitely Expand Your Home Automation System With Ezlo’s New Smart Home Bundle.

Ezlo Innovation’s latest release pairs a powerful edge computing hub and video doorbell with lightning-fast video replay. The bundle provides the perfect foundation for a powerful, secure, and easily scalable smart home system.

BLOOMFIELD, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ezlo Innovation, a leading IoT platform developer, today launched a new smart home bundle, designed to connect with anything to create an entire, whole home automation solution. The bundle features a new doorbell with InstaVue technology and an edge computing controller, called Ezlo Plus, which is able to control the latest Z-Wave, Zigbee, and RF devices along with thousands of Wi-Fi products to enable an infinitely scalable and cost effective smart home.

The video doorbell camera, VistaCam 1203 featuring InstaVue™ technology, offers one of the fastest video replays on the market; under one second on a local connection and under two seconds on a remote connection. Ezlo Plus, the new computing hub, processes data at “the edge” — that is at the end point device, locally as opposed to the Cloud — resulting in both enhanced device response time and improved data security. The Ezlo plus also offers cloud processing for remote access.

“Critically important when it comes to the performance of any smart home device – especially a doorbell camera, is latency,” says Mark Samuel, CEO Ezlo Innovation. “By bringing two technologies together — InstaVue™ technology and edge computing — we’ve developed a camera that presents replay in less than one second which is faster than any other doorbell camera on the market. And, with the Plus hub’s ability to seamlessly integrate any device regardless of manufacturer or protocol, a bundle that will serve as the foundation for an entire smart home configuration.”

What does this mean to the end user? Now they can view video of events as they take place at the entryway of their home…and not seconds later. “And with nearly 50 million package thefts last year,” says Samuel, “those seconds can be the difference between knowing that a delivered package is safe and watching someone’s back as they run off with it.”

About Ezlo Innovation

Ezlo Innovation is a leading IoT platform developer, powering the digital journey across a range of markets; security solutions dealers, property management companies, builders, utilities, B2C retail and more.

Our open architecture automation solution, with guaranteed out-of-the-box integration, is the only platform that runs both in the Cloud and at the Edge, with the capability to automate, integrate, and visualize — in customizable dashboard form — any device, service, app, or IoT.

We are the only B2B company that can deliver a cloud-to-ground, white-label IoT solution to brands that want to offer their customers a connected technology service, delivering best-in-class solutions to both the residential and enterprise user in 60 countries worldwide. The company employs nearly 200 and is headquartered in Bloomfield, New Jersey, with offices in Ukraine, Romania, and Colombia. Learn more at



Anne Marie Murray

Senior Director of Product Marketing


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