Imply Finalizes Inaugural Druid Summit Agenda

Global speakers list includes Twitch, Netflix, Expedia, Target and Verizon at San Francisco Airport Marriott, April 13 – 15 covering real-time intelligence best practices using Apache Druid

BURLINGAME, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Imply, the real-time data analytics company, today announced its speaker line-up for the inaugural Druid Summit, to be held at the San Francisco Airport Waterfront Marriott from April 13 through April 15, 2020. The conference is devoted to helping data professionals develop, deploy and operate real-time analytics solutions based on the open source Apache Druid database.

Hosted by Imply, whose founders include original authors of Druid, Druid Summit is a three-day conference that features a full day of hands-on Druid training plus two days of talks by project committers, enterprise practitioners and industry experts covering development methods, architectural patterns, operational best practices, and much more.

The response to our call for presentations has been gratifying, as both the passion and diversity of the Apache Druid community has been on display,” Gian Merlino, cofounder of Imply. “We will have speakers from four continents, representing numerous use cases and industries. I encourage anyone using or curious about Druid to attend and learn from these established experts.”

Druid Summit will include speakers from a wide range of industries including retail, banking, telecoms, internet/e-commerce, gaming, entertainment and media, logistics, transportation and manufacturing.

The analytics use cases examined cover a number of operational functions including advertising, customer segmentation, network performance, IoT, security, service monitoring, supply chain and user behavior.

Here’s a sampling of some of the presentations on the agenda at Druid Summit:

  • Twitch: Nicholas Ngorok, Engineering Manager – Learn how Twitch implemented a common self-service analytics platform for hundreds of technical and non-technical staff, thousands of queries, and ~5 billion events each day.
  • Netflix: Ben Sykes, Senior Software Engineer – The presentation explores Netflix’s real-time metrics collection architecture, demonstrating how Netflix turns a “firehose” of logs into metrics, store them and make them queryable in real-time, providing examples of how Netflix quantifies Quality of Excellence.
  • Expedia: Fengchao Wang, Senior Big Data Engineer, and Sid Rathi, Staff Big Data Engineer – This session explains how Expedia built real-time customer segmentation into the Expedia Data Platform using Druid including operational optimizations, use of in-Druid transformations and ThetaSketches.
  • Target: Jeremy Woelfel, Principle Engineer – This session will include a discussion of Target’s analytics platform and how Apache Druid makes it successful, including how Target deploys key features such as union data sources, arbitrary granularities, real-time ingestion, complex aggregation expression and the importance of Druid’s lightning fast response time.
  • Verizon: Vinoth Rajasekar, Machine Learning Engineer, Network Performance Analytics – This talk presents how Druid enabled Verizon to easily integrate existing data pipelines to ingest terabytes of data per day and monitor the performance of Verizon’s networks in real-time.

Other presenters include data professionals from AppsFlyer, Central Bank of Turkey, Charter, Cisco, DBS, Outbrain, Pinterest, SK Telecom, Splunk, Swisscom, NTT, Nielsen, PayPal and Unity. Countries represented include Australia, India, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

About Imply

Imply transforms how businesses run by integrating real-time analytics into their operations. Founded by the authors of the Apache Druid (incubating) database, Imply provides a cloud-native solution that delivers real-time ingestion, interactive ad-hoc queries, and intuitive visualizations for many types of event-driven and streaming data flows. Imply has operations in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific and is backed by Andreesen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, and Geodesic Capital. For more information visit, please visit

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