HomeSecure & iKydz Announce a European First – A Partnership to Protect Families at Home and Online

  • Pioneering partnership will see HomeSecure enable parents to protect their children both physically and online
  • HomeSecure customers will be able to observe and manage their children’s time online from June 2019
  • HomeSecure to make iKydz service available to their customers from June 2019
  • Parents can add this home internet service to their HomeSecure service for €5 per month from June 26th 2019, saving the usual €99 one off payment
  • A further mobile service, enabling parents to manage and observe children’s internet access whilst on other 3G and 4G mobile networks will be available soon.
  • CyberSafeIreland report reveals 40% of children engage with strangers online

Dublin 27th June 2019: HomeSecure – the smart home monitoring company – has announced a partnership today with Ireland’s iKydz that will extend smart monitoring to help parents manage their children’s screen time and protect them from possibly harmful online content. Whether it be at home or on a child’s mobile or tablet device.

This partnership, the first of its kind in Europe, will see HomeSecure offer the iKydz service as a convenient add-on to its current home monitoring service. “Allowing parents to take their children’s security into the digital age, with an easy to use internet control platform naturally aligns with our current offering and was a key driver for this partnership,” said Colm Daly, CEO, HomeSecure.

HomeSecure was established in 2014 to offer Irish households a clear alternative to legacy house alarms. Using competitive pricing and cutting-edge technology HomeSecure has become the fastest growing Irish owned Home Security Company. Continued success in 2019 has allowed HomeSecure to reach the milestone of over 14,000 unique customers.

Pioneering partnership protects children, as research reveals 40% of children talk to strangers online
HomeSecure’s customers will be able to access the in-home service from as little as €5 per month, saving on the usual €99 set up fee for non-customers.

iKydz is an intuitive, and effective Internet control solution that gives parents the ability to block websites, filter content, and easily view and manage their children’s time online. It works with any internet connected device in the home by using a smart micro-router to provide secure Wi-Fi for all the children’s devices.

This software also allows parents to cast an eye over internet usage and to curtail online game time (such as Fortnite) and other potentially harmful and distracting content when it comes to homework.

In fact, a recent report from the charity CyberSafeIreland revealed that 80% of eight-year olds own smart devices connected to the internet, and almost 40% of children engage with strangers online. Almost a quarter were playing over-18 video games containing violent or sexually inappropriate content.

John Molloy, iKydz founder and CEO said: “We are delighted to be partnering with a progressive company such as HomeSecure to ensure more Irish children are able to access the internet safely and appropriately. iKydz’s mission is to give parents peace of mind, empowering them to set and maintain boundaries around the online lives of their children.”

Following this initial announcement, HomeSecure will also add an additional iKydz Mobile, a smartphone management solution that will allow parents to manage and protect their children’s 3G or 4G mobile device. This service will be available to both existing and new HomeSecure customers. This is just one in a long and ever-growing line of innovations that HomeSecure is bringing to the market over the coming months. To find out more about the iKydz device, or to see HomeSecure’s other services, visit HomeSecure.


About HomeSecure
HomeSecure is an Irish owned and operated home monitoring company. We provide a system that envelops your home in a virtual bubble of security that is monitored 24/7, 365 by a team of dedicated professionals. Our clients themselves also have the ability to check in and control their homes security through our easy-to-use smartphone app.

Founded in 2014 with a team of four, HomeSecure now employs over 40 people and serves 14,000 Irish homes – and counting. Company founder and CEO, Colm Daly, is developing Smart Home aspects of the business which will soon allow customers to add any number of features to their secured and monitored home.

Visit to find out more.

About iKydz
iKydz provides network operators with a portfolio of internet control products enabling parents to manage their kids’ online activity. Using just one iKydz App, parents can easily apply age-appropriate filters and schedules to each of their children’s internet-connected devices (including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles or smart TVs). iKydz makes it easy for you to parent your kids online. For further information, see

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