Review by Nick McMillan

Here Comes Calico is a new comic book series set in New York, and it will take you on a journey through one man’s battle to combat the cruel and sadistic world of animal cruelty. He fights against anyone who imposes their cruelty upon small and weaker creatures.

The story itself takes no time to set the tone. It jumps right into the violence that has been taken towards animals. As for The Calico himself, he sets out to deliver justice for these animals. The Calico has also been given a rather deep backstory that explains who he has become. 

He has observed the violence the world has to offer and been on the receiving end of it from childhood. This instills a deep hate for bullies in him.  It led him to punish these cruel people in the same cruel ways they instilled upon the animals they have murdered. 

The artwork and colors used throughout was phenomenal to say the least as the reader can envision everything just from a glance at the page. I would have liked to see a little more back story as to how he acquired his amazing superhero suit as there was none given. But taken as a whole this comic offers a great story, artwork, action and suspense until the very end.

On a side note I did research and went to Sigma Comics website and watched their short video on issue #1, (the comic I just read) and it offers insight to the first few pages of the comic that were not described in the story itself and will make the first pages of the comic clearer and more understandable to the reader. 

Sigma Comics has set themselves a great goal as they want to use this comic to reach across the globe to promote animal rights. It definitely promotes their goal and is worth the read.

Nick McMillan ([email protected]) is a technology enthusiast and graphic novel aficionado.

Comic Title: Here Comes Calico
Story by: H.H. German
Art/Letterer by: Javier Orabich
Colors by: Daniel Grimaldi 
Cover by: Garnabiel
Published by: Sigma Comics
Price 2.99 (USD)

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