Hayward® Introduces Advanced AquaRite® S3 Salt Sanitization System

New salt system with built-in pool control leads wave of eco-friendly sanitization alternatives

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hayward Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: HAYW, “Hayward”) today announced the launch of its advanced AquaRite S3 Salt Chlorination System, which brings unprecedented pool control to the #1 brand in salt water pools.

While all AquaRite S3 models enable easy user control of salt chlorination, a variable-speed pump and a heater, the new AquaRite S3 Omni model expands control by integrating with Hayward’s top-rated Omni automation platform. Omni offers pool owners intuitive control of the entire pool pad from anywhere via the top-rated OmniLogic® mobile app, voice-enabled devices (Amazon® Alexa®, Google Home®, etc.) or popular home automation systems (Control4®, Crestron®, ELAN®, etc.).

Additionally, AquaRite S3 Omni users will have the ability to install popular accessories like smart relays, pH sensing and more for custom control capability. All non-Omni AquaRite S3 models can be upgraded easily at any time, providing an ultra-flexible approach to sanitization that can grow with the needs of any pool owner.

“AquaRite S3 Omni boasts a number of advanced features that make it an attractive market option to pool owners who are increasingly interested in total home integration,” said Matt Kimball, VP of Product Management and Marketing at Hayward. “Indoor and outdoor living have become more connected than ever, and pool owners are gravitating towards digital products that enable simpler, custom control.”

In tandem with its promise of easy installation and an accessible control framework, the product aims to bring the myriad benefits of salt sanitization to the widest audience possible. The AquaRite S3 family accommodates the broadest range of salt concentrations (800–8,000 ppm) of any Hayward chlorinator, providing greater flexibility and reduced maintenance needs for servicers and owners alike.

Unlike traditional chlorinators that rely on chemical chlorine to sanitize, AquaRite S3 uses dissolved salt to produce a long-lasting supply of chlorine—creating softer, silkier water. And with the ability to operate at exceptionally low salt concentrations, AquaRite S3 offers unparalleled set-it-and-forget-it sanitization convenience for many pool owners.

The entire AquaRite S3 line is designed with Hayward TurboCell® technology, which utilizes a clear salt cell to give pool owners the ability to visually inspect for calcium buildup, without having to shut off the system or disconnect the cell.

The AquaRite S3 product launch comes amid ongoing shortage concerns for pool chlorine, owing in large part to the 2020 factory disaster that destroyed a considerable portion of global chlorine supplies. AquaRite S3 provides a dependable—and more environmentally friendly—sanitization alternative for pool owners, while offering considerable cost savings compared to traditional chlorine.

“More than ever, environmentally conscious consumers are looking into more sustainable options for sanitizing their pools,” said Kevin Holleran, CEO of Hayward. “We are seeing evidence of a serious shift away from traditional chlorination to more technologically advanced alternatives like the AquaRite S3 salt system.”

Like all products in Hayward’s trade-exclusive Expert Line®, AquaRite S3 and AquaRite S3 Omni are available only from pool professionals. For more information, speak with your Hayward Sales Representative.

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