Grid4C Appoints Industry Leader Bob Champagne as GM North America to Accelerate Growth

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Grid4C today announced the appointment of utility and energy analytics veteran Bob Champagne as General Manager, North America. Champagne will lead the expansion of Grid4C’s award-winning AI-Powered Energy Analytics offerings in the US and Canadian markets. As a member of the global leadership team, Champagne will report directly to CEO and Founder Dr. Noa Ruschin-Rimini.

Today’s utilities are faced with the ongoing challenge of lowering costs and increasing grid resiliency, amidst the increasingly complex landscape of renewable energy, smart home technology, EV adoption and changing demand patterns of residential and commercial customers.

To tackle these challenges, Grid4C provides the world’s leading utilities with its #1-ranked AI-Powered Energy Analytics solutions, analyzing billions of data points from smart meter and IoT devices in North America and globally to generate real time predictions and actionable insights for utilities’ operations and customer-facing applications. Grid4C’s technology addresses use cases ranging from granular load forecasting and distributed energy resources optimization, to home energy management at the appliance level, and the prediction, detection, and diagnostics of faults for grid assets and home appliances. Through this integrated Grid-Edge AI offering, utilities are able to improve operational planning, reduce peak demand, increase customer energy savings, optimize engagement, and deliver new revenue streams.

“Managing even the most basic utility functions has become incredibly challenging due to the unprecedented uncertainty in demand caused by renewable energy, EV penetration and large shifts in residential and business energy demand driven by the recent pandemic. Bob is one of the few experts who understands the depth of these challenges and how artificial intelligence can be leveraged to ensure business continuity and add new sources of value at the grid edge,” said Dr. Noa Ruschin-Rimini, Founder and CEO of Grid4C. “I am very excited to work closely with Bob in advancing Grid4C’s growth in the North American utility market. He brings over 30 years of experience across the full spectrum of utility operations and has been defining the future of the digital utility.”

“The next generation of digital innovation for utilities will demand solutions that not only provide easy and cost effective access to customer and operational insights, but can autonomously channel that intelligence to the right parts of the business at the right time,” said Bob Champagne, General Manager, North America for Grid4C. “I’m honored and excited to be part of the Grid4C team, and the potential our solutions have to truly shape the future of utility digitalization.”

Prior to joining Grid4C, Champagne served as VP of Digital Strategy and Innovation for TMG Consulting, where he led the formation of its Global Digital Utility Collaborative, a research and best practices consortia of over 100 leading utilities and solutions providers focused on the future of utility digitalization. He also served as SVP of Strategy and Market Development for Innowatts, responsible for the positioning and growth of its AMI analytics and load forecasting solution suite. Prior to his role at Innowatts, Champagne spent over two decades as a strategy consultant to the global utilities sector helping utilities integrate advanced analytics into their customer experience, energy efficiency and smart grid strategies.

About Grid4C

Selected as a leader in AI solutions for the energy industry by Greentech Media and Navigant Research, Grid4C empowers energy providers and consumers by enabling the power to foresee, leveraging advanced machine learning capabilities to deliver accurate, granular predictions, which are crucial for tackling the rising challenges of today’s energy industry. Grid4C’s plug-and-play solutions analyze the massive amounts of sub-hourly data collected from millions of smart meters and IoT data, and together with customer data, pricing information and more, delivers new revenue streams, enhances customer value, improves the efficiency of energy operations, and maximizes profit. Its portfolio consists of Predictive Home Advisor, which includes non-intrusive household appliance fault prediction and load disaggregation capabilities, Predictive Operational Analytics, enabling better decisions for coordination of distributed energy resources with meter, sub-meter, and asset-level forecasting, Predictive Customer Analytics, which targets and predicts adoption of new rate plans and utility programs, and more.

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