Gravity Neocyon Officially Launches ‘Action RO2: Spear of Odin’ in Southeast Asia Region on December 22

  • Gravity Neocyon’s first action RPG using Ragnarok IP
  • To be serviced in the Indonesian and English languages in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia
  • Expectations building up with more than 230,000 pre-registration received since December 8

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ActionRO2SpearOfOdinGravity Neocyon Inc., a subsidiary of Gravity, announced the official launch of its new RPG ‘Action RO2: Spear of Odin’ on December 22 in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

Action RO2: Spear of Odin, a game that has been developed and serviced by Gravity Neocyon, is the first Action RPG using the Ragnarok IP. It is characterized by fascinating action scenes.

This game became a center of attention with more than 230,000 pre-registration received since December 8 from the Indonesian, Filipino, Malaysian, Singaporean, and Australian markets.

A Gravity Neocyon insider said, “As many users expressed their expectations, we will provide them with high quality fun expected of games using the Ragnarok IP. Along with magnificent action scenes; this game offers a raid system that enables users to enjoy playing the game with their friends.”

To celebrate the launch of Action RO2: Spear of Odin, Gravity Neocyon holds a number of in-game and community events. Between December 22 and January 5 next year, users can enter the “Spin the Wheel” event by obtaining specific tokens while playing the game. Other events include a special log-in event, which is to present the users with rewards for playing the game on a daily basis, as well as the “Hot Time” event and the “Push” event offering benefits relating to the game cards.

From December 22 to December 30, the “What will you do first” event will be held where users vote on which game level, card, and equipment they will upgrade first and win items that received the most votes. In addition, a Christmas event will be held from December 23 to December 28 and gifts will be presented randomly to the players.


About Gravity Neocyon

Established in 2000, Neocyon is a mobile content specialist that comprehensively supports the system, content, and service. Its business areas include mobile service platform establishment, mobile content development, online marketing, and publishing service in Korea and abroad. Since 2006, the company has been producing great results with the mobile version of “Ragnarok Online,” a global game brand, in Korea, Japan, and North America. Gravity Neocyon is also developing various mobile games, SNS games, multimedia, augmented reality, and application media. In 2020, it changed the name to Gravity Neocyon to maximize synergy with its parent company, Gravity, and improve business efficiency and competitive power.


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