Global Premium Film Brand IVIOS to Launch New Kaizer Aurora Color Paint Protection Film with the Outstanding Glossiness and Mysterious Color-shifting

  • With its outstanding glossiness, the Kaizer Aurora PPF product features dynamic color-shifting of multiple pearl colors from various angles.
  • IVIOS introduced the top coating technology providing excellent stain resistance with its unique Systematic Design of Cross-linked Polymer Technology.

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#HardCoatingTechIVIOS (, a premium global film brand, today announced the launch of Kaizer Aurora Collection Paint Protection Film (PPF), which boasts outstanding glossiness and mysterious color-shifting.

Kaizer Aurora Collection PPF is a colored paint protection film series that features the multi-pearl color of the mysterious aurora with excellent glossiness. With the Kaizer Color Paint Protection Film products, end-users can enjoy the benefits of maintaining and protecting their vehicle’s painted surface, changing the color of their car without repainting. Kaizer Aurora Collection Color PPF can create an amazing exterior style through dynamic color-shifting, in which two or more elegant pearl colors are shown along the curved surface of the car.

Applying the Systematic Design of Cross-linked Polymer Technology developed by IVIOS Coating & Material Science Laboratory, Kaizer PPF products provide various high functional performances such as water repellency, high gloss, and self-healing properties, and at the same time provide strong stain resistance against various contaminants.

IVIOS’ Kaizer Aurora Collection comes with Opal Violet, Coast Green, Fantasy Black, Rosy Green, and Lake Blue, which offer the following features:

Special Features of Kaizer Aurora Collection Color Paint Protection Film Products

  • Dynamic color-shifting effect of multiple pearl colors
  • Outstanding gloss and water repellency
  • Exceptional anti-fouling performance and robust solvent resistance against chemical solvents, dye solutions, oils, fuels, or acidic solvents
  • Excellent protection of painted surface

“PPF is gradually attracting attention not only as a painting surface protection function but also as an automobile styling item. Kaizer Aurora Collection boasts outstanding glossiness and unique color-shifting.” Said Steve Kim, Managing Director of IVIOS. “IVIOS Coating & Material Science Laboratory has continued to build various new materials and the latest coating technologies. IVIOS will continue to bring unique and differentiated steps to the market, such as the Kaiser Aurora Collection. We expect the boundless potentials of materials and coatings to satisfy the new needs of installers and end-users as well as gain the lead in the market.”

The product lineup of IVIOS Kaizer Paint Protection Film consists of Kaizer Perform X Series, which provides clear PPF type durable water repellent and non-durable water repellent options; Kaizer Satin Finish Series, which offers a satin finish effect; Kaizer Aurora Collection, which has combined more than two aurora colors with offering the color-shifting of a mysterious multi-pearl color, and Kaizer Texture Series, which features a luxurious texture and glossiness. For further information,

IVIOS will take part in SEMA SHOW 2022, the world’s largest auto parts exhibition held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the United States between November 1st and 4th, to showcase the entire Kaizer product lineup, including Kaizer Aurora PPF and Axion windshield protection film products and hold various product demonstration events. The IVIOS booth will be at North Hall No. 12139.

IVIOS is also looking for global sales partners to provide high-quality premium automotive films to the North American and European markets. For further inquiries on IVIOS dealerships and partnerships, please contact [email protected].


IVIOS is a global brand established by experts with outstanding technology in the film industry. IVIOS provides automotive paint protection films, windshield protection films, protective film products for IT devices and consumer electronics, special films with various applications, and high-performance window films for automotive and architectural applications across the world, providing differentiated performance and superior durability.

With its creative, state-of-the-art materials design and coating technology, unrivaled product design and research & development infrastructure, and manufacturing facilities with strict quality control capabilities, IVIOS responds quickly to market needs and provides leading products. For more information on IVIOS and its products, please visit


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