Federated Wireless Turns Up Industry’s First Shared Spectrum Network to Bring New Wireless Bandwidth Options to Service Providers and Enterprises

Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS) pioneer first to market with
required infrastructure,
accelerating customer engagement

ARLINGTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Working to meet the growing demand for wireless access to mobile data,
CBRS pioneer Federated Wireless today announced that it has
completed the roll-out of the world’s first in-production environmental
sensing capability (ESC)
network. This will enable initial commercial deployment (ICD) of CBRS
across the US, and follows closely on the heels of FCC certification
of the Federated Wireless ESC received on April 29, 2019.

“Today’s announcement marks an historic milestone in the CBRS market,
one that the entire industry has been working toward since 2012,” said
Chris DePuy, founder and technology analyst at 650 Group. “The promise
of CBRS is now a reality and will bring much-needed wireless performance
and capacity increases to a broad range of users nationwide.”

Shared spectrum is a disruptive technology that delivers the best
attributes of traditional wireless and Wi-Fi, with lower fixed cost,
higher quality and greater efficiency and scale. The 150Mhz available in
the 3.5Ghz CBRS band is approximately equivalent to that owned by the
largest national wireless carriers and is divided into three tiers of
service dedicated to:

  1. Incumbents (including the US Navy)
  2. Priority Access Licenses (PALs)
  3. General Authorized Access

The newly-completed Federated Wireless ESC network helps ensure that
incumbent transmissions are interference-free, while the Federated
Wireless Spectrum Controller dynamically allocates spectrum to users in
all three tiers. The ESC network is made up of dedicated, purpose-built
sensors placed along US coastlines and designed to accurately and
rapidly detect federal incumbent transmissions in the 3.5 GHz band. The
Federated Wireless network is deployed with full redundancy, making it
highly reliable and available.

Founded in 2012, Federated Wireless has long led the industry in
development of shared spectrum CBRS capabilities, taking a lead role in
the formation of the CBRS Alliance, being the first to complete testing
of its ESC network and having multiple customers ready to deliver CBRS
services using its SAS solution. The company’s partner ecosystem
includes more than 40 device manufacturers and edge partners, all of
which are dedicated to collaboration to advance development and
proliferation of CBRS services.

Federated Wireless’ customer base includes more than 25 companies
spanning the telecommunications, energy, hospitality, education, retail,
office space, municipal and residential verticals, with a wide range of
use cases ranging from network densification and mobile offload to
Private LTE and Industrial IoT.

The CBRS market is in a state of rapid and dynamic growth, with
certification and full automation planned later this year and licensed
CBRS spectrum expected to be made available in early 2020. Future
developments are anticipated to include rapid CBRS device development
and deployment, and expansion into the 6GHz band for unlicensed access
to further expand national wireless capacity and throughput.

“I am extremely pleased with what we have been able to achieve in such a
short time, and am eager to begin the next phase of CBRS service
development and expansion,” said Iyad Tarazi, President and CEO of
Federated Wireless. “Our technological innovation over the past seven
years has positioned us well to continue to lead this industry, while
our expanding partner ecosystem and customer base ensure that we have
the support we need to do so while continuing to address their most
pressing business needs.”

About Federated Wireless

Federated Wireless is leading the wireless industry through the shared
spectrum revolution, eliminating the decades-old problem of spectrum
scarcity. The company offers the industry’s only end-to-end Spectrum
Controller, enabling government and commercial users to securely share
the same spectrum band. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, and with
offices in Boston and Silicon Valley, Federated Wireless is removing the
multi-billion-dollar price tag associated with spectrum access, allowing
for the creation of new wireless carriers and business models. For more
information, visit: www.federatedwireless.com.


Wilson Craig
Mindshare PR

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