evo-rail Partners with Nomad and Alstom to bring Rail-5G to Caltrain

SAN CARLOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–evo-rail, a provider of gigabit (mmWave) track-to-train communications solutions, announced today that it is delighted to be working with Nomad Digital, a leading provider of train Wi-Fi and IoT solutions, and Alstom, a global leader in rail transportation systems, to deliver the core rail-5G mmWave radio technology to Caltrain, the commuter rail line that runs between San Francisco and San Jose. The project is part of Caltrain’s ongoing infrastructure modernization program to provide faster and more reliable Wi-Fi service to its customers.

The rail-5G millimeter wave (mmWave) radio technology will be an integral part of the on-board wireless system to deliver advanced onboard sensors and data analytics that will enable Caltrain to gather real-time data on train performance, customer movements, and infrastructure conditions. This data can be used to improve operational efficiency, reduce delays, and enhance the customer experience.

“We’ve been providing rail-5G solutions in both the UK and Spain and are excited to enter the U.S. market through Nomad, Alstom and Caltrain,” said Simon Holmes, CEO of evo-rail. “This cutting-edge technology and solution will be integral for Caltrain to deliver a safer, more reliable, and efficient rail transportation system for its customers and staff in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

In addition to the core rail-5G mmWave radio technology that evo-rail will supply, Nomad Digital will provide the wireless infrastructure, and Alstom will provide the onboard sensors and data analytics tools. The on-board Wi-Fi system is expected to be fully operational for Caltrain and its customers in early 2024.

About evo-rail

evo-rail is a rail technology company, formed out of FirstGroup, which has designed a multi-gigabit rail-5G solution to address the lack of mobile coverage on our railways. The company deliver the end-to-end solution of trackside and train that will greatly improve customer connectivity. With rail-5G, passengers will have a similar, if not better, connected experience than they do at home or work.


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