EveryWord™ Ultra Far-Field Voice Capture Used for Neuroscience Research Study

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IoT–ArkX Laboratories, a leading provider of ultra far-field voice capture technology, will have its EveryWord™ Development Kit used as part of a research project on human communication in real life conducted by Uri Hasson, professor of psychology and neuroscience at Princeton University.

Dr. Hasson and his collaborators at NYU’s epileptic monitoring unit are collecting brain-signal (intracranial EEG) and its accompanying speech signal from the brains of epileptic patients as they are actively engaged in open-ended, free conversations with their doctors, friends, and family members during a week-long stay at the hospital. By analyzing the brain data collected during these natural and spontaneous interactions, Dr. Hasson aims to reveal the intricate mechanisms of brain processing during human communication in real-life contexts. The ability to capture all open-ended conversations accurately and reliably, from a distance and unobtrusively in a noisy hospital environment, is vital for the success of this research program.

“The ability of ArkX Labs’ EveryWord technology to capture audio utterances with accuracy and clarity in multiple environments made it the right choice for our research project,” said Hasson.

Scott Wiley, ArkX Labs President, added, “We are very excited to be part of a project whose goal is to benefit an understanding of human communication and communication impairments. While this is a unique use case, the rigorous and challenging trials used as part of this research project showed the versatility and capability of the EveryWord technology.”

The EveryWord Ultra portfolio consists of an Audio Front End (AFE) Voice Processing Module, an Integrated Voice Module (SOM + Audio Board w/AFE), integrated into the AVS Development Kit qualified by Amazon Voice Service (AVS). The advanced audio and voice technology enables enhanced human-to-machine speech recognition and superior performance for OEMs and start-ups who want to bring their voice-enabled smart products and devices to market.

EveryWord outperforms other existing OEM solutions by capturing voice commands from three times (3X) the standard distance of competitors’ offerings, around corners, and in noisy and reverbrative environments. Additionally, EveryWord technology provides the unique ability to identify and suppress speech from TV or other competing single-point noise sources. ArkX solutions are production-ready and pre-qualified by Amazon Voice Service (AVS) to mitigate risk, reduce development costs and accelerate time-to-market.

ArkX Labs recently launched its voice control capabilities, featuring Sensory natural language technology for creating custom wake-word and command sets to enable branded voice experiences.

ArkX Laboratories is a joint venture between product development pioneer Surfaceink and consumer electronics manufacturer Ark Electronics USA, created to bring an exceptional voice experience to the marketplace.

Learn more at www.arkxlabs.com.


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