Eurowagon Expands Safety Portfolio With Nexxiot’s Kingpin Innovation

ZURICH & WARSAW, Poland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cutting-edge freight digitization company Nexxiot and Eurowagon, operator of Poland’s largest pool of independent rental freight railcars, have announced a new collaboration that aims to advance safety and automation standards across European rail fleets. The partnership will equip Eurowagon’s expanding fleet with Nexxiot’s latest Kingpin sensors which monitor the loading of semitrailers onto railcars, ensuring enhanced safety and process automation to supply chain assets.

Marek Gołębiewski, Technical Director at Eurowagon says: “Through our collaboration with Nexxiot, Eurowagon provides our clients the latest digital solutions that offer unparalleled safety accountability and cargo transparency. By employing the latest IoT sensors like Kingpin Monitor, we demonstrate that we think differently about creating value, rapidly moving to deliver next generation digital tools that speed operations and improve safety.”

Nexxiot’s Kingpin Monitor is proprietary digital hardware device that is a game changer for the industry that promises to speed supply chain operations through automation. When a semitrailer is loaded onto a railcar, the installation requires precision placement of a ‘kingpin’ which fixes the whole trailer in place. Normally, this is a highly manual process which includes visual checks from people on the ground. Nexxiot’s Kingpin Monitor now makes it possible to operate an independent digital confirmation of correct kingpin placement, a process that’s faster and safer than manual installation.

Eurowagon’s initial deployment of the Kingpin Monitor has already begun.

Nexxiot’s CEO Stefan Kalmund explains: “The Kingpin Monitor speeds up the loading process, saving time and money while maximizing the utilization of assets and significantly improving safety at intermodal facilities. And because rail is five-to-seven times more sustainable than road transport, we making operations more sustainable too.”

Driven to be leaders in supply chain digitization, both Nexxiot and Eurowagon are committed to investing in future-proof technology that will deliver higher quality standards and sustainability for the cargo industry.

About Eurowagon:

Eurowagon is a new alternative for customers on the European rail car leasing market. The company was established in 2018 and is a portfolio company of CEE Equity Partners Ltd. Eurowagon presently owns and manages roughly 1,500 freight railcars, and expects to expand to approximately 4,500 wagons by 2026. Eurowagon enterprises include rental of railcars to freight and industrial clients, railcar management and maintenance. The headquarters of the company is in Poland and, since 2020, Eurowagon has also maintained operations in Switzerland, France and Austria.

About Nexxiot:

Nexxiot AG is a driver of the digital logistics of tomorrow. An industry leader in the digitalization of cargo transportation, Nexxiot empowers global shipping companies and suppliers to harness the power of their data through proprietary, cutting-edge technology and integrated data solutions to track, find and protect cargo from more than 160 countries around the world and across 450 network roaming partners to ensure accountability, security and efficiency. Headquartered in Zurich, Nexxiot operates throughout Europe and the U.S., employing people from 22 countries. The company’s secure, industry leading Cloud comprises data from over 3 billion miles traveled. Committed to sustainability through corporate and social responsibility, Nexxiot’s goal is to enable a five percent reduction in global carbon dioxide emissions in the logistic industry by increasing cargo transport efficiency and eliminating waste caused by empty runs and inefficient routes.


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