ETAG Tech Selects Atmosic’s Bluetooth Low Energy Solutions for its Electronic Shelf Label Portfolio

Atmosic’s wireless technology minimizes battery consumption and maintenance costs in connected devices

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today Atmosic Technologies, an innovator in energy harvesting wireless platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT), and ETAG Tech, an leader in ultra-low power and high-performance electronic shelf labels (ESLs), today announced a partnership to bring Atmosic’s ultra-low power wireless solutions to ETAG Tech’s ESL portfolio. ETAG Tech is using Atmosic’s ATM2 system-on-chips (SoCs) for several ESL designs and will be incorporating Atmosic’s ATM3 SoC in future designs to take advantage of energy harvesting technology.

“By helping to solve the battery problems associated with electronic displays, we anticipate that ESLs will see much wider adoption across the retail industry and other sectors,” said David Su, CEO of Atmosic. “Not only does Atmosic’s technology cut down on the cost of replacing batteries, but it also reduces the maintenance time needed for fleets of ESL display deployments.”

ETAG Tech selected Atmosic’s ATM2 series over a proprietary implementation since Atmosic’s solutions have best-in-class power savings. The ATM2 series is Bluetooth 5 standard-compliant and integrates Atmosic’s Lowest Power Radio technology to reduce power consumption low enough for ESLs and other connected devices to last years on a single battery, without needing replacement. ETAG Tech is also looking at deploying the ATM3 series in its next generation of ESL designs to take advantage of Atmosic’s Controlled Energy Harvesting technology, which can harvest energy from ambient light. The same SoC can also harness from other sources including radio, mechanical/kinetic motion, and even thermal sources to further reduce battery consumption. In some cases, Atmosic’s ATM3 series can enable devices to operate without any batteries at all.

Mr. Xia, CEO of ETAG Tech, said: “Atmosic’s ultra-low power ATM2 SoC solution makes ESL products more robust in terms of interactivity and speed, in addition to removing the need for battery replacement. Atmosic’s technology is also easy to integrate into a range of ESL sizes and designs.”

Today ESLs are most popular in retail environments, but there are many industries where ESLs are useful including healthcare, manufacturing, enterprises, travel, and more. ESLs allow companies to update information in real-time and better manage inventory, without the hassle of constantly replacing paper signage and stickers. ESLs are also much cost-effective than LCDs and tablets, making ESLs ideal for environments where hundreds or even thousands might be on display in a store or other environment.

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About Atmosic Technologies

Atmosic™ Technologies is an innovative fabless semiconductor company, designing ultra-low power wireless and energy harvesting solutions to dramatically reduce and disrupt device dependency on batteries, aiming to deliver forever battery life and the battery-free connected Internet of Things. The company’s products enable the IoT device ecosystem—designers and manufacturers, as well as end users and those responsible for deployments—to dramatically lower costs and efforts associated with maintaining the growing Internet of Things in Personal, Home, Auto, Healthcare, Industrial, Enterprise and Smart Cities segments. In addition to these tangible business advantages, Atmosic aims to reduce ecological impacts with its vision of dramatically reduced battery consumption in the Internet of Things.

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About ETAG Tech

Etag-Technology corporation is a professional manufacturer of electronic shelf label systems and other related IoT technology. We provide total solutions including gateways, ESL devices and end-to-end customized software, and we can cover supermarket, convenience stores, exhibition halls, factories, and other industries. Our products are deployed in 50+ countries in the world including Russia, the United States, Canada, Qatar, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Singapore, France, Spain, South Korea, India, Mexico, Romania, Oman, New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Malaysia, etc.

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