Enercamp With The Title of Amazon Steady Seller Will Launch Their Innovative Product Called IoT Portable Power Station Utilizing AI

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#bluetooth–Enercamp is a smart battery startup founded in 2017, setting a good record for two consecutive years with Amazon prime events. In addition, Enercamp already has a good market share as a jump starter power bank (Jump&Go) for discharged vehicles in South Korea.

Enercamp will introduce their smart battery product that can use communication modules by combining AI and IoT functions in order to move smart batteries to a wider market around October 2019.

Enercamp E1 delivers smart energy wherever and whenever you need it using portable ESS that combines IoT, AI technology. Smart IoT energy is not only for everyone but also for special groups of people who require an immediate power supply in an emergency situation and closed-loop communication among such a special group.

The technology of Enercamp E1 portable ESS (Energy Storage System) can be used for home, offices, and for outdoor leisure or fieldwork.

Thanks to the embedded IoT functionality and A.I., the power unit can learn, by itself, and store users’ life patterns and information on weather conditions and the quantity of light during days when it’s charged by solar power, which is an eco-friendly energy-charging resource, in a DB server. A convenient and portable power station that can be charged in an efficient way based on such accumulated big data which is the purpose of developing this technology.

The model in development is a smart portable energy storage system (P-ESS), equipped with various outputs, including international AC outlets, USB ports and more. It also has an optional solar panel recharging capability. With the E1 model, you have a pair of international AC outlets. You can not only charge your smartphone, but, also plugin and run equipment like a laptop, TV, or refrigerator. The large-sized battery pack of the Smart P-ESS is equally charged thanks to a balanced power-charging method.

Depending on the electrical power supplied by sunlight, which is used to charge the pack, this energy-storing product can sense the power sources from both the photovoltaic modules and an external adapter which controls the supplied power in the most efficient way in order to effectively charge and control the large-sized battery pack.

Furthermore, as the board for WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, GPS, and other communication modules is grafted onto this product, it can function as a hub for group-calling and text-messaging services in an area where external communications and Internet are blocked. Through an exclusive application, IoT functionality can control devices connected to the model, where the technical development is to be applied, which is also provided.

Thanks to A.I. functionality, IFTTT service can be provided by utilizing the interactions among IoT devices connected to the portable power station to further enhance convenience for users.

Be smarter and be safer with Enercamp. Enercamp is there to support you, all the way!


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