El Paso International Airport (ELP) Has Selected LiveReach Media to Provide Passenger Flow Management Technology

Computer Vision & RF Sensing-based Motion Analytics Platform to Drive Real-Time & Predictive Insights for ELP

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LiveReach Media (LRM), a comprehensive motion analytics and digital out-of-home marketing platform, has been selected by El Paso International Airport (ELP) to measure passenger wait times and provide passenger flow management technology throughout the airport. LRM’s proprietary sensing technology will help ELP predict bottlenecks and enable a seamless travel experience. ELP will also broadcast up-to-the minute wait times on digital signage throughout the airport using LiveReach Media’s Content Management Solution to help keep travelers informed.

Winner of the 2018 Best Airport Service Quality Award, ELP experienced double-digit growth in 2018 and has already surpassed serving over 3.2 million passengers in 2019. Utilizing cutting-edge and efficient IoT solutions is just one of the ways ELP plans to continue its service excellence. “El Paso International Airport is excited to launch this new and innovative partnership with LiveReach Media. They have equipped us with intelligent technology that aligns with our core mission of providing exceptional customer service. We believe that by using this data and providing expected wait times, we can help give passengers a less stressful travel experience while simultaneously being operationally proactive in dealing with periods of high passenger volume.”

– Tony Nevarez, ELP, Assistant Director of Aviation

LiveReach Media’s sensing solutions are proprietary and built in-house allowing LRM to pass on the best prices, blue-chip customer service, and rapid software updates to its customers. For example, airports using LRM’s computer vision-based solutions will soon be able to discern demographic information throughout the airport in a privacy friendly and GDPR compliant manner. These types of data points are a gold mine for retailers, advertisers, and concessionaires. The plug and play LRM solution takes only hours to deploy and once deployment is complete, LiveReach Media’s data science team comes on-site and certifies accuracy with airport operations.

“We’ve made deliberate choices with our hardware to ensure reasonable deployment costs and invested heavily in machine learning talent to develop a sophisticated computer vision and RF sensing software stack to provide our clients the best value.”

– Abhi Jain, LiveReach Media, Co-Founder

For more information about LiveReach Media and how its plug and play solution is being used at large venues around the world, visit www.livereachmedia.com


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