Education Leader Carrus and Zenerchi, Physiology SimViz.AI Pioneer, Combine Forces for New Healthcare Course Development

– Utah Biotech Company and Training Industry Leader Forge New Technology Horizons in the Development of Medical Education Online Course Curriculum –

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#3DBodyVisualization–Life extension and biomedical simulation and visualization AI company Zenerchi™ LLC (www.SimViz.AI) and Carrus (, one of the nation’s most trusted providers of online healthcare training and professional development, are taking online medical education to a significant next level with the launch of a new online course initiative utilizing the Zenerchi physiology simulation and visualization platform.

Both organizations are leaders in the health and physiology industry, and both have created and shared educational courseware and material for use in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Now the two companies have come together on a new initiative with even greater implications for the growing industry of health and medical education online.

The companies have completed their first Pilot Project on Infectious Disease, which leverages Zenerchi’s advanced visualization technology. The program is an outgrowth of the growing challenge that both organizations are working increasingly hard to address:

  • The world’s medical knowledge is increasing at an exponential rate (it doubles every 73 days, according to research).
  • It is very difficult for health care professionals, educators and students to keep up on the growing body of new information as it occurs.
  • The gap between the world’s health knowledge and individual health care professionals, in particular, results in poor patient outcomes.
  • Visualization of human physiology is complex, expensive, and ever changing.
  • Additionally, the wellness industry and an increasingly concerned public is hungry for meaningful, visual, and accurate information, as new findings emerge.
  • Both organizations, individually and together, are focused on narrowing that gap.

“The new course development, utilizing the Zenerchi physiology platform, is helping us in the continual drive to create the newest state-of-the-art in the quality of our training,” said Misty Frost, Carrus CEO. “Zenerchi’s technology allows us to update our courses more frequently, to reflect new industry knowledge more quickly and visually than industry standards require.”

“Visualization of the human body has been important for centuries and is constantly evolving,” said Bryan Brandenburg, CEO and Chief Science Officer of Zenerchi. “Our visualization platform allows biomedical companies to create breathtaking and scientifically accurate images and video of the human body, from gross anatomy to atoms, faster than ever before. Typical illustrations that before took hours and days to create, we produce in seconds.”

Zenerchi will officially release its first commercial biomedical visualization solution in late Q2 of this year and is excited that Carrus is helping to drive its feature set while upgrading its medical education course curriculum. Here are examples of the Zenerchi real time visualization platform.

About Carrus

Carrus delivers quality, trusted healthcare learning content, continuing education, and certification management to new learners, healthcare professionals, and institutions through an integrated technology platform that provides the most seamless healthcare learning experience possible. In 25+ years, Carrus through its CareerStep and CareerCert divisions has trained over 140,000 learners for new careers, partnered with more than 150 colleges and universities nationwide, and educated over 100,000 healthcare professionals.

For more information, visit, or 844-854-1160.

About Zenerchi

Zenerchi, LLC, (www.SimViz.AI) is a private company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with a mission to create the #1 4D human body simulator, 3D/VR/AR visualization and AI cloud-based SaaS platform in the world to empower a new era of uses. The education, diagnostic and business applications for the Zenerchi SimViz AI Platform™ will serve wellness, healthcare and biomedical education, as well as creating visualization capabilities far beyond our current technology realm.

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The Zenerchi™ SimViz.AI Platform is the exclusive copyrighted property of Zenerchi, LLC.

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