DTS:X for Home Theater Launched on Xbox

DTS Sound Unbound update unlocks DTS:X® Home Theater capabilities for immersive entertainment and game play

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DTS, a global leader in next-generation audio, imaging and sensing technology and a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: XPER) (“Xperi”), today announced DTS Sound Unbound, an application for consumers to access premium DTS audio capabilities, is now available with DTS:X® Home Theater support on Xbox One, with planned compatibility for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S when the new consoles launch on November 10, 2020. The addition of DTS:X Home Theater support completes the integration of DTS and the Microsoft Spatial sound ecosystem, delivering dynamic immersive audio experiences across the Xbox platform for all forms of content.

DTS solutions take immersive gaming and streaming to the next level with ultra-realistic, 3D audio creating rich, vibrant sound for truly engaging experiences. DTS Sound Unbound supports Microsoft Spatial Sound through premium DTS audio solutions–DTS Headphone:X® and DTS:X, delivering immersive audio experiences for connected PC speakers, headphones and now home theater systems such as sound bars and A/V receivers. With this launch of Home Theater support on Xbox, consumers can now enjoy any form of content, including multichannel and spatial entertainment and video game content, in DTS:X format. This unlocks limitless entertainment experiences for customers, particularly those with DTS-supported home theater systems connected to their Xbox devices.

“DTS Sound Unbound has made incredible strides in the gaming world through the support of DTS Headphone:X on PC and Xbox, and we are incredibly excited to extend the support of DTS:X throughout our consumers’ home theater systems on Xbox,” said Matthew Byrne, senior vice president and general manager of Xperi’s mobile business. “The combination of Microsoft Xbox with DTS immersive audio solutions deliver the best experience possible for our customers, for every type of content, especially entertainment and gaming.”

First launched in September 2019, DTS Sound Unbound supports the latest Microsoft Windows 10 for PCs. After unveiling DTS Headphone:X for Xbox One earlier this year—unlocking next-level gaming experiences for consumers around the world—Xperi and Microsoft made the decision to expand support across home theater entertainment systems.

“Unlocking DTS:X capabilities throughout the whole home entertainment system, and across the whole Microsoft Spatial Sound ecosystem, will be an invaluable next step for so many of our customers who have invested in the Xbox platform,” said Bill Neighbors, senior vice president and general manager, Cinema, Home and Media Solutions for Xperi. “This launch gives consumers access to extraordinary audio for the most engaging experiences, whether they are gaming, watching their favorite movie or listening to the latest album.”

DTS Sound Unbound launched this week with Home Theater support on Microsoft’s Xbox One, and will be available via Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S when the new consoles launch on November 10, 2020.

For more information about DTS, please visit www.dts.com or connect with DTS on Facebook, Twitter (@DTS) and Instagram (@DTS).

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Since 1993, DTS has been dedicated to making the world sound better. Through its pioneering audio solutions for mobile devices, home theater systems, cinema and beyond, DTS provides incredibly high-quality, immersive and engaging audio experiences to listeners everywhere. Now, DTS is also powering imaging and sensing technologies as well. For more information, please visit www.dts.com.

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