DAIKO Will Exhibit in CES 2020

This is the third consecutive year of the project.

They have chosen nine start-ups to join [JAPAN TECH].

Latest technology of Japan will be shown to the world from the United States.

TOKYO & OSAKA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DAIKO hosts [JAPAN TECH] in cooperation with CREATIVE VISION and Filament. [JAPAN TECH] has chosen nine start-ups and supports their exhibition for CES 2020.

JAPAN TECH PROJECT supports overseas exhibition for the Japanese start-up to send state-of-the-art of Japan to the world from 2018. There is a booth in Eureka Park that is the big focus for investors and companies this year also.

We support registration of the exhibition, production of the booth and communication of the start-up. Then, we give wings to start-up business to success. “Higatrec” is new generation high technology training machine that is a topic of CES 2020. It has won the CES 2020 Innovation Award. This is a product of [All You Need Is Inc], which is one of the exhibition companies.

Our company provides solution by Brand Activation. We work together for future development, and upbringing the technology of Japan. And we will contribute to Development of Society and living.

[About CES 2020]

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held from Jan. 7 to 10 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. One of the largest-scale trade fairs in Las Vegas.


[Sports Tech]

All You Need Is Inc.

IoT multifunction strength training machine “Higatrec”
Higatrec is a fully computer controlled weight training machine with no steel plates. It has a lot of technologically advanced features.


Intelligent platform in sports
Support various decision-making by analyzing athlete performance in real-time from wearable devices. SENQ will realize a sports entertainment platform.

[Smart city]

ITD Lab Corporation

The world’s best 4K-CMOS stereo camera with automatic correction.
SRIM Technology with auto calibration, it automatically detects obstacles for new markets such as mobility and robot eyes etc.

[Wireless Devise]

NIST (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

Portable Agri-Microimager.
We have developed a realtime monitoring system for living plants.

The system monitors physiological activity and growth information quantitatively.

[Gaming E Sports]

Thousands Miles LLC
Biometric Gaming Console.
The gaming console, extracts your body data with only your touching this for 10sec. The character in the virtual has your body shape and motor skills.

[Health and Wellness]

to you Co Ltd.

Heat stroke risk alert sensor “LOBSENSE”
A sensor that predicts the temperature of the brain (deep body temperature) from the temperature of the earlobe and notifies the risk of heat stroke.


Creative Technology Lab

Wearable sensor unit adsorbed by static electricity.
It’s new type wearable sensor unit which adsorbs to the body by the power of electrostatic.

You can use it in various use cases by your ideas.


Makuake, Inc.

IoT majors free from hassle “hakaruno” etc…
hakaruno is IoT Measuring device made by Fujitsu.The new device promises to dramatically improve the efficiency of apparel sizing and measurements.

Earth Engineering Co., Ltd

A medical device that produces steam containing the proper concentration of hydrogen “Suisonia”
Suisonia is the first medical hydrogen therapy equipment that utilize super heated steam reduction method. Welcome to the future of body maintenance.

— We welcome media coverage for the exhibiting companies at “JAPAN TECH” during CES —

At the JAPAN TECH PROJECT, we welcome media coverage from any media companies. For people who want to learn more about JAPAN TECH or would like to cover a particular company, please check the following link to let us know your desired date and time.

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