A MAFARKA Film Production

By Nick McMillion

The intro takes us to medieval times; A church where a heinous ritual is taking place by the infamous knights Templar. This ritual that is being performed is the basis for the movie. From what I assume the ritual being performed is to please the god or deity that the knights want to appease. The intro is captivating and leads the watcher to want to see more. 

The intro is set in medieval times but our main plot takes place in the future where it seems a civilized society does not exist. Our main characters are a father and pregnant daughter. They are trying to find a home or a place of refuge to call home that will be an ideal place to live and be happy and safe.

The actors in this movie aren’t high level actors you would see in other films but they played this movie well. They show the emotion, drive and really dove into the mindset of the characters they played. 

As for the backstory of the main characters there was not anything given to show us how they ended up in the situation they were in. After the intro we cut straight into the movie with the main characters running through a forest, not knowing how they ended up there. I personally would have liked to know how the world in the future ended up the way it did and how they got to where they were. As the plot progresses we see that the pregnant daughter becomes the center of everything. The father and daughter are taken in by a group and even with the groups hospitality they have a bad feeling about them. The group is performing the same ritual we saw in the intro and the group has plans for the daughter to use her in the ritual. Now our main characters need a plan of escape. But what really gets me is the priest and how he knows the ritual. We are set in modern times but what we don’t know is how the priest knows this ritual or how the dead came to life to begin with. 

As for the movie itself; I enjoyed the movie but it raised more question with the plot than answers. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes zombies or the dead coming back to life. This movie reminds me of things I would see on the SyFy network channel. 

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